How Powerful Nigerian Army? Nigerian Military Power | Nigerian Armed Forces

1 year ago

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How powerful nigerian army? Nigerian military power | nigerian armed forces

Hello friends, we are trying to give you every day military comparison video. If you share our videos, we will be inspired to give a better military related video every day.

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The Struggle Continues

25 thoughts on “How Powerful Nigerian Army? Nigerian Military Power | Nigerian Armed Forces”


  2. Think about this. Nigeria has a $1 Trillion+ Budget and yet it’s military looks like every other 3rd World Military Force. That’s not my accident it’s the fault of absolutely terrible spending policy’s and practices.

  3. Boko Haram? They seem to be the more dominant military force when they can kidnap and rape 300 woman and children and not be caught. They only have AK47’s, RPG’s, and machetes. Before showboating all of this equipment how about the military do something about those animals??

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