How The Fon of Nso, Cardinal Tumi and others were Kidnapped then Released.

2 weeks ago

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This is the story line of the Abduction Associated to The Fon of Nso, Cardinal Tumi and others.

Thursday November 5th 2020
10 AM.

The Fon of the Nso clan, Bui Division of the North West Region of Cameroon, His Royal Highness Semh Mbinglo II was announced journeying back to his palace.

After suffering several attacks and kidnaps from separatist fighters, he stayed away from his palace for more than a year.

His subjects gave him a triumphant welcome from Yaounde where he has lived for the past year.


The Fon Convoid Abducted!!!

The abduction of HRH Sehm Mbinglo, the Fon of Nso by Ambazonia fighters in Ngoketundjia was a well calculated plan with the Separatists in Bui Division, CNA correspondent following up the incident has said.

Since the Fon left Nso over a year now, the differences between him and the Separatists have not been settled.

“What triggered this abduction is the fact that CPDM politicians were using the Cardinal to whip up religious sentiments and maybe give the delegation a free pass and the Bui fighters were angry because a peace process should have started between the Nwerong, them and the Fon, instead of trying to use old church tactics to smuggle the Fon in.” A source following up the case has told Cameroon News Agency.

↗️↗️6:00 PM

Information from a close source has confirmed that the Fon of Nso, Cardinal Tumi and their entourage have been released by separatist fighters. It is said that a Nso delegation left Jakiri to the Babessi Palace from where negotiations were made for their release.

The delegation is said to be on their way to Nso at the moment.

CNA is following up this new twist…

November 6th 2020

Nso Development Association( NSODA), an umbrella developmental and cultural organization of Nsoland makes a public statement concerning the abduction of the Fon, Cardinal and entourage.


“Good morning my dear Wirfon. As it’s clearly evident now and contrary to information circulated last night that our Fon, the Cardinal and some members of the entourage had been released, the kidnappers are still keeping them hostage. It is disheartening to us as a people and we condemn this with the last energy. As a people we cannot continue to tolerate such humiliation.

I call on all Nso people wherever they are to do all in their power to secure the release of our Fon, our Cardinal and the entourage as soon as possible. There should be widespread condemnation of this act that tramples on our Tradition and Religion, while those closer to the village of the act should mobilize as a people to ensure they are released for a safe return home.

I seize this opportunity to call on Nso sons who could be part of the plan to humiliate our people to rethink their ways and to know that ‘no man, however great, can win a war against his people.

It’s our duty now to do everything for our Fon and cardinal to be released. They are our pride and honour.

Thanks to all”.

NSODA President General.

🅾️10 :00 AM

Two important Religious and Traditional authorities in Bui, kidnapped in Ngoketundjia, northwest region- Christians vow to personally look for them.

Cardinal Tumi
Fon Sehm Mbinglo

Still “missing”.


The people of Baba, Ngoketundjia division, northwest region, have denounced the kidnapping of Fon of Nso, HRH Sehm Mbinglo and former Douala Archbishop, Christian Cardinal Tumi.

The locals gathered on a site where such news are announced, on Friday morning, calling for the release of the religious and traditional authorities.


The former Archbishop of Douala, Christian Cardinal Tumi, has been released by Ambazonia fighters who kidnapped him, the Fon of Nso and their entire delegation.

Cameroon News Agency has it on credible grounds that the Cardinal is currently in Baba, Ngoketundjia subdivision, northwest region, where locals gathered early Friday.

“They have released the Cardinal but others including the Fon have not been released.” CNA correspondent in Baba has said.



The Struggle Continues

One thought on “How The Fon of Nso, Cardinal Tumi and others were Kidnapped then Released.”

  1. After the release of the former Archbishop of Douala, Christian Cardinal Tumi, the people of Bui are still anxiously awaiting the release of their Fon, HRH Sehm Mbinglo.

    Cameroon News Agency learned that the Ambazonia Restoration Forces from Bui agreed on certain points before releasing the Cardinal.

    1) That the Cardinal should agree to send a resignation letter to the Ambazonian people resigning from his position as the president of refugees and internally displaced peoples commission created by President Paul Biya.

    2) That the Cardinal will immediately return to Yaoundé and pass a direct message to Paul Biya to :

    (i) Release all Ambazonia prisoners of war starting with Sessiko Ayuk Tabe.

    (ii) Government should get to the negotiating table to end the war.

    (iii) That Government should stop all activities in Ambazonia starting with withdrawing all their Military forces.

    Despite protests from Takembeng and other villagers, the Fon is still being held since Thursday.

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