How to Draw Your Own Coat of Arms

5 years ago

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The Struggle Continues

35 thoughts on “How to Draw Your Own Coat of Arms”

  1. Nice ๐Ÿ™‚ I want one, now.. A coat of arms, that is. But our family's not renowned for anything that we're aware of.
    So! I'm having my own coat of arms drawn up and then having that registered ๐Ÿ™‚ Because I can and I've always wanted to.

  2. I enjoyed the vid, it was awesome!!!
    But please help me! ๐Ÿ™ I have a couple of problems related to this… I've been thinking about it for sometime and now if anyone has ideas, please reply and tell me!
    1. I don't consider myself really good at drawing. I've been told I am good, and sometimes I think so too. Generally speaking, well, I don't even know anymore. Does it matter, anyway..? :/
    2. It seems like my art teacher I had a few yrs ago killed a part of me. We were always doing the same thing in school. We sketched on large papers though we were supposed to do something else from time to time. I was expecting to try new, fun things but what I got was the same thing every week. At first it was interesting. However, when you do it for months and years it becomes boring, even for me. Every week. Every week. Every week. Every week. Every week. Every week. I was so bored on the lessons.
    3. Because I've not been drawing for a long time, I haven't progressed and I have no idea if I should try or anything… When I was younger, I wished to become an artist. It was one of the only things I fully enjoyed not depending on the time or situation, the people around me, the place, what I was drawing, or even how happy I was with the result. I have new hobbies now, and I've hope I'll someday be drawing again. Too hard is life.ย 

    And still, I so badly want to go draw, right now. I've always loved creating something. I think I'm not that dead on the inside anymore, cause I feel like I could draw again. What if I try and nothing comes out of it, and I just want to forget it for forever? No, I ย don't want it to happen..!! Help me, before it's too late. :'(

    P.S. I feel bad for writing that about my teacher. Sort of. It's true that was one of the things why I stopped drawing, but I was also quite frustrated with others things in life, too. Well if the lessons had been interesting I'd have possibly been drawing a lot more since then than I used to. So, I'm not gonna eat my words ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. You`re obviously a talented artist. The art of heraldry is pretty much at odds with your portrayal of it in this video however. Classical emblazoning (the drawing/designing) of an armorial achievement is stylized as opposed to natural/life-like and should be as simple,uncluttered and easy to recognize as possible.

    Hope I don`t sound like a bastard…I actually enjoyed the video a lot. Thanks for uploading!

  4. Nice video… Though it was more of a "Look what I can do" than a "Here's how to video".. I seriously doubt anyone walked away from this video actually able to draw this from what you've said…. But as I said it was Fun watching you draw ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Well, as an artist you have done an great job, as a herald, not so good. The crown should be on a helmet, with open bars, both signify a monarch, and as such may not be used by anyone else. The mantling was in fact a cloth held on the helmet by a twist of silk using the primary colors of the arms. The mantling was simply cloth used to protect the wearer of armor from the sun.

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