How to memorize Africa fast using mnemonics

3 years ago

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The Struggle Continues

37 thoughts on “How to memorize Africa fast using mnemonics”

  1. If you are watching this, you are here for one or more of a few reasons.
    One: you are stressed out for a quiz you are about to take – get out of the comments, stay calm, repeat after him what he says – you got this!!
    Two: you are bored – on the rare occasion that you are bored and learning about Africa, good job. I will recommend picking up a new hobby. Whether it is a business selling fish or starting to draw – busy hands are the best!!
    Three: you are nervous for a test you have studied well for – get out of the comments, call a friend, and relax… Repeat after me "I have this under control, I am prepared."

    If you comment, I'll tell you which one I am!!

  2. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I am watching this over and over so I can remember the countries for my test. 😀 I hope I do good on it…

    Edit: I completed my quiz I think I did good can't wait to get my grades back!

  3. It's not Eritria, it's Eritrea. You pronounced Niger wrong and you pronounced Angola wrong. But, a good method. Much better than the guy memorizing them alphabetically. In his approach you learn the countries alphabetically, and you know how many there are for each letter, but they are all over the place on the map, and in the end you can't remember where. Your method is good, but you sounded so disinterested while making this video.

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