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Learn how to play Gospel Music to another level.
learn to play gospel music using left hand chord voicing. The concepts in this video will help you create those nice full rich sounding chords. In order to play popular songs like Feel good by Fred Hammond, Shifitng the atmosphere by Jason nelson, i won’t go back by William Mc dowell.and many other popular songs and even hymns the left hand needs to play more than just the base note. You need to know how to chord with your left hand.
learn to play nice gospel chord progressions

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Left hand chord voicing is very important for every church musician to master in order to elevate to the next level of playing. There are root(base note)and rootless(no base) left hand chord voicing. This course will illustrate root left hand chord voicing accompaniment by right hand chords. Root voicing is simply playing the base note along with two or more notes in the left hands. Most beginners only know how to play the base note. Knowledge of just the base note will hinder a musician from moving into advance areas of playing gospel music. These left hand voicings and techiques will also work in any style of music. Musicians all over the world use these universal left hand chord voicing in 100% of songs .
This course will illustrate 7 lessons that are universal in every key.The video will teach Chord progressions such as the 1-2-3-4 walk up, the flat 5 chord, the famous minor11th chord and other types of common chord progressions played in gospel music. This course will also teach you how to play nice rich full sounding chords, passing tones and fill-ins

Awesome” pastor Charles Jenkins Chicago fellowship. Piano Tutorial
Gospel piano. how to play “take me to the king” by pamela mann piano tutorial how to plaY “great and mighty is our God” by byron cage piano tutorial HOW TO PLAY “It’s turning around for me” by vashawn mitchell tutorial, james moss how to play “our God is greater” by chris tomblin how to play “White flag” by chris tomblin james moss how to play “Good and bad” how to plaY”after this” j.j. harrison and youthful praise Learn to play gospel PIANO today. HOW TO PLAY “I won’t go back by William mcdowell
Learn to play gospel music learn to play gospel piano gospel chords gospel piano chords free gospel lessons learn how to play gospel piano chords learn gospel music Christian worship music chords passing chords jazz chords learn to play gospel by ear gospel chords exposed hear AND PLAY JAZZ CHORDS PASSING CHORDS black gospel gospel chord substitutions. break every chain. break every chain by tarsha cobb

Learn to play I can only imagine by tamela mann Learn to play amazing by ricky dillard
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Learn to play with holding nothing by William mcdowell. Learn to play walking in favor by john P. kee
. Learn to play greater is coming by jekalyn


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