28 thoughts on “How To Pronounce Aunt”

  1. I'm from the Midwest and we always pronounced it as ant like probably most Americans do. Ont sounds like a British accent and elitist to me.

    So it is awkward and humorous for me to say it as ont. Though in retrospect, sounded the u is logical and distinguishes bugs from people . But I still can't say ont without laughing or it sounding foreign to me.

  2. ahnt is the british pronunciation. In American English, this would be pronounced (NOT ant, for those of you that are arguing,) ah unt, or ayunt.

  3. ill just put this here for you special little snowflakes,

    it teaches you that AU makes that "aww" sound. In some words the u is silent like in "gauge", but notice how the A in "gauge" is a "long A" sound not a "short A" sound, if the u is silent in aunt it would be pronounced closer to the slang Ain't , not the word ant.

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