How We Quit Doing the Same Things, Expecting Different Results in Amerikkka & Moved to Africa.

1 month ago

It’s been 14 years since we first touched down in Africa after being on the “woke” path to freedom if mental slavery. But it was our desire to be greater then just the kindred spirits that we were brought to be by our Ancestars.
Points we will cover:
1.Can we give you a brief but sacred summary of our relationship in the beginning?
2.Where did we come up with these expectations to live up to?
3.Where we chasing the Amerikkkan dream?
4.When did we realize it was really a nightmare?
5.What was going on in our life when we had the revelation to go to Africa?
6.How was it the first time we touched down?
7.How did it change our life?
8.What kind of emotions did we experience?
9.What is the most Ancestrial Phenom we remember that happened to us?
10.What do we think we carry from that experience?
11.What happened when we had to leave?
12.What is the B.U.G.(Blissful Unexpected Grace) every African Diasporan has that changes them forever after they experience Africa?
13. What do we think we have to offer Mama Africa and What does Mama Africa has to offer us upon our return?

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4 thoughts on “How We Quit Doing the Same Things, Expecting Different Results in Amerikkka & Moved to Africa.”

  1. I went to Ghana in 1995 and 1996. I totally understand your feelings. It was the first time I saw the big dipper in the sky while in the village of Ada. I went to a beach where no one was there. I saw ancestors and would love to tell the rest of the story to you someday. Thanks for turning me on to Ms. Ruby Wilson, Queen of Beale Street.

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