Hunted #Cameroonian Journalists #PressFreedomDay2021 #Cameroon #Anglophone Crisis

1 week ago

Watch an exclusive Mimi Mefo Info (MMI) Report on the shackles of press censorship in Cameroon.

This report unearths the untold story of press censorship in Cameroon where the powers-that-be will do anything to silence the media and stop the story from being told.

“If the war ends now, I will restart my work as a journalist, I will return to my hometown and count the number of houses that have been burned…” reveals a Cameroonian journalist.

We also hear from journalists at risk, journalists who have dropped their pens, CAMASEJ President…


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The Struggle Continues

2 thoughts on “Hunted #Cameroonian Journalists #PressFreedomDay2021 #Cameroon #Anglophone Crisis”

  1. beautiful report analysis big boss, is unfortunately that the country we fine ourselves in doesn't regconised our importance
    i personally missed my profession so much, for is a talent God blessed me with from birth .I might not be practicing my profession in a media house again, but that hasn't stop me from given reports when needed to my colleagues

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