Hunting Boko Haram: Fed-up Nigerian hunters take on Islamic terrorists (RT Documentary)

6 months ago

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For nearly a decade, Boko Haram has rampaged through northern Nigeria. Militants have killed tens of thousands and forced 2.4 million people to flee their homes. Fed up with the havoc, local hunters have formed a vigilante group to join the army’s fight against Boko Haram. RTD tags along with their command and meets their female leader to learn more about their struggle.

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The Struggle Continues

28 thoughts on “Hunting Boko Haram: Fed-up Nigerian hunters take on Islamic terrorists (RT Documentary)”

  1. May the coming of the Son of Man be soon, so to put an end to this tremendous evil against the helpless and innocent on this planet. May the curse of God be on those who harm the innocent and helpless in such ways forever.

  2. I am happy what is happening in Europe. Bloody racist fascist dirt of Earth. Their women are good only to warm our beds. Europeas have still not learned from history. World doesn't owe them anything.

  3. People in the Nigerian govt are sponsoring Boko Haram, because they make money from arms sales and defense contracts. The Nigerian govt has also intentionally ill equipped the Nigerian army, to make sure they can't take out the Boko Haram scum. So much corruption, theft, and deceit in that country, with brainless greedy leaders.

  4. The US sponsored Boko Haram terrorists wouldn't exist in the first place in Northern, Nigeria if the government wasn't so corrupt. Nigeria, despite being the wealthiest country in Africa, has large youth unemployment, massive corruption, decaying infrastructure, tribalism, massive inequality, and the list goes on… This makes it easier for terrorist groups to manifest in poor rural areas in the north. Even if Boko Haram terrorists were eradicated, there will be another terrorist organization to take its place until Nigerias' underlining social problems are resolved.

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