Hyderabad: Mysuru IAS Shilpa Nag Resigns Over Harassment By DC Rohini || ABN Telugu

1 week ago

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Hyderabad: Mysuru IAS Shilpa Nag Resigns Over Harassment By DC Rohini || ABN Telugu

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The Struggle Continues

40 thoughts on “Hyderabad: Mysuru IAS Shilpa Nag Resigns Over Harassment By DC Rohini || ABN Telugu”

  1. In india there are no strong laws to control excess of behaviour,be it in employment or in domestic front.strong laws and implementation is needed to control harassment of one human by another human.indian society needs drastic change from root level.who will do it?

  2. Rohini sindhuri is best officer any district to have,she is so honest ,land mafia n politicians used Shilpa nag as reason to get her transferred,if ias officer get transferred by political pressure means she is doing her duty honestly..this matter started all of a sudden since 15 days..now rohini thrown out of Mysore..

  3. I am from Mysore,I know telugu as well..but ur news about rohini mam is absolutely wrong,it's politics what happened,Mysore people know politicians used shilpa nag to get her transferred.if possible ask Jagan sir. Or ksr sir to get her transferred to ur cities,politicians n beurocrats will pee their pants..she will not allow any one to do corruption.

  4. Shilpa Nag is a very goog officer and good human being,
    she visited to many covid death family to console the family members in mysore nagara,

    12 cr issue is not a money thing, but many companies donated covid kits and covid related things, worth of 12 CR, which is distributed to covid patients.
    She is 100% honest to the core… and non corrupt officer.
    Till now she has not asked anyone for any posting for particular district, even though she is kannadathi from hassan district in KA

    She has done good work in Haveri as CEO of ZP, she has fan following in Haveri.
    Please don't judge on any one without knowing full facts

  5. Rohini gari ni target cheyandi, we telugu people divided as Telangana and AP, so we won’t support Rohini garu. If Telangana Telugu People support Rohini ji, then Andhra Telugu People won’t support, Vice-Versa

  6. Young IAS Resigned means harrasment by district collector.this type of harrasement s in govt sector. Seniors become igoistic rather than serving people.they should guide elders in serving the people . But in india, boss isam is running. Simply they are utilising there powers in favour of politicians

  7. Even am being been harrased home helpers by operating kidnappers arrounded how can I comment civils toppers having thier own struggle of emotions otherwise they may not go left thier

  8. Not comment civils even am hope less what not by home helpers created unescapble boudery having power sellect thier hands on me 🙆‍♀️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙆‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙏🙏🙆‍♀️

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