“I AM FROM BAMENDA … BAMENDA, BAMENDAAA I LOVE YOU ” Fabrice Ondoua dedicates the African Cup of …

1 year ago

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Fabrice Ondoua dedicates the African Cup of Nation to Bamenda. Please share this.

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“I would like to tell to our brothers from Bamenda that we really love them, we love them with all our heart with all our strength, and we really need them in Cameroon, a united Cameroon and I think that this cup is dedicated to them, because we also received their support. Through Fai, Through Clinton, Through Tambe they were with us.
So please my brothers, I am from Bamenda, for you, eh eh Bamendaa, Bamendaaaa I love you ”

A thought for the populations of the south-west and north-west (who come from all regions of Cameroon) and are living the ongoing crisis, We would like to make sure we celebrate this cup with them too. So please, do not pass without sharing this video of Fabrice.


FABRICE ONDOUA dédie la Coupe d’Afrique à Bamenda. Un Max de partages SVP.

“Je voudrais dire a nos frères de Bamenda vraiment qu’on les aime, on les aime de tout notre coeur de toutes nos forces, et vraiment on a besoin d’eux au Cameroun, un Cameroun Unie et je pense que cette coupe d’Afrique est dédiée a eux, parce que vraiment nous avons aussi reçu leurs soutiens. A travers Fai, A travers Clinton, A travers Tambe ils étaient avec nous.
Donc vraiment My brothers, I am from Bamenda, for You, eh eh Bamendaa, Bamendaaaa I love you”

Une pensée pour les populations du sud-ouest et du nord-ouest (Qui sont originaires de toutes les régions du Cameroun) et qui subissent les effet de la crise en cour, ne passes pas sans partager cette vidéo de Fabrice STP.

Courtesy of… Don Migo || 2017-02-07 17:49:12

The Struggle Continues

15 thoughts on ““I AM FROM BAMENDA … BAMENDA, BAMENDAAA I LOVE YOU ” Fabrice Ondoua dedicates the African Cup of …”

  1. Plse My brothers and sisters, we should not insult him.we a not against our francophone brothers but against the regime. He is only being concern.lf we don’t need him, we should politely refuse rather than insulting him. I have come across many francophone brothers who a in support of the struggle

  2. Fabrice,we don’t hate u ,it’s just blc we a angry due to the present situation in our county. We can not rejoice while our brothers a lamenting in prison.plse kindly tell your President to release our pple

  3. Na new trophy? Or na one weh dem don take am like five times? The first 4 weti we benefit from? Nothing. We no need this one either. We love you too but we no want be together nobi by force oh ma brother. You know sometimes in life it’s better for brothers to live apart, in order for their bond to be stronger. We have decided to love our brothers but to live apart. We no want the cup. We no want nothing from lrp

  4. We hate anyone talking about happiness when we are mourning our brothers and sisters lying in their graves.sympathizing with hundreds in prison. Do you you think we hate Mafany?,his role in our struggle is what has made every one hate him.so please,don’t insult our greave.Celebrate the cup in Yaoundé bringing it to Bamenda is a bad timing.

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