3 thoughts on “I am incorruptible says SG of Teachers Union CATTU- Mr. Tasang Wilfred.”

  1. No Cameroonian as I know who is living in Cameroon can tell us with simple words that he/she is incorruptible and then we can believe. only your behaviour can convince us – we have seen opposition leaders come up and say same but the revolution of change that erupted was killed by those who pioneered the fight.

  2. Now its the time, the teachers strike should simply involve demands of freedom of the anglophone subsystem at all levels of management. We need a board that will manage our educational system with headquaters in Bamenda or Buea and not answerable to any foreign ministry of education in Yde. Total independence of the anglophone system of education, judicial system, administrative system with removal of all foreign and corrupt administrators etc. All Anglophone conference should resume meeting and black legs should be identified immediately their language begins to show conciliation with the foreign regime.

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