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I don’t care whether francophones are in this group or what you may say. I feld very bad yesterday …

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I don’t care whether francophones are in this group or what you may say.

I feld very bad yesterday with the victory of la republique in the AFCOM. Let’s be cretical how many anglophones are in the list out of the 22 players selected? Does it mean that anglophones can’t play football in cameroon?

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Football in cameroon is a clear proof of anglophones marginalization for decates!

Millions of money have been disposed for them. How much is entering SW or NW, yet is our money being tap from SONARA CDC plantations.

However, while we pray that they should be defeated in the semi- finals, the struggle continue. Happy ghost town to all of you in advanced!

Courtesy of… Sone Kwene Raphael || 2017-01-29 08:47:57

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  1. I remain ambazonian and I can’t be deceived for any reason.

  2. Mc Drake says:

    The struggle continues! But pls let’s remove politics from football! Its a beautiful game with values of Equality. Gat amba blood so deep in me bt let football out of this struggle. let de better team win!!! Amba Doves will come in next AFCON! Hopes High!!!

  3. All for one 1 for all

  4. Let us be happy for the victory dearest people, football has nothing to do with the struggle

  5. That Stupid Man Who Posted This Nonsense, U Are A Big Dog. Satan

  6. Anih Violet says:

    No mind cus dey r gox no were…they will conr bak home empty handed..God is watchx

  7. Football is just a game my brother and you can’t stop the lovers of this game from it’s passion so why feeling too bad with the victory of the Lions, and beside the victory of our struggle was not determined on the out come of that match,so be serious when ever you have an important issue at hand.

  8. Seni Ali says:

    plse let continue our struggle and forget about football.am abit happy becos fai collins and ndip ntambe were powerfuly involved in the game.

  9. Xixi Blasio says:

    I dey with you ma brother! In other African countries, their icons will preach justice to their leaders on behalf of the pple. Our own icons are blind to public plight. ETO’O, WHERE ARE YOU?

  10. Football Is Not A Mater Of Francophone Or Anglophone. Who Is Fai Collins , Ndip Tambe, Njié Clinton? Are They Not All Anglophones? Master This Sentence< > I Am Talking To U. Mr Sone Kwene Raphael. I Am Beging You For Forgiveness Because If Have Insulted U. But I Did It Because I Dont Like People Who Always Look For A Reason To Crate Tensions Among People. Good Day

  11. hmmm i wan die vex say la republique win dt match. make senegal no worry.

  12. Tambe Joseph says:

    In Jesus name they will nt b defeated if dat is ur prayer u lazy man d three dat r there r nt enough?

  13. Exactly my opinion sis.l have been asking DAT same questions weda
    anglophones can’t play football, but no answer

  14. Tambe u re a big fool. Ur tear tear head. I know u come from north

  15. Pa Omar Tim says:

    No don’t talk like that sir, this coach is doing his best together we shall carry the cup, there are 3 English speaking players in the team at list its not bad, I was in Bamenda yesterday and I saw the joy in their hearts as my olld country won the match

  16. I am a football fan, weather the loins are from la republic or Ambazonia, l don’t really care, all is that the lions won, and am very happy and l will continue to support dem came rain came sun,l don’t know about u !!! Fai Ahead ahead

  17. Relax, we will soon have our own team and it will play even better considering the players will finally be selected on merit. Enjoy the AFCON, at least we have seen the best Lions in 16 years.

  18. I want them to win and reach the finals and then they will loose the trophy.that is where they will feel the pains.

  19. They will win the trophy whether you like it or not.Do a simple calculation and divide 22 by 10 and I will answer your question

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