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I stand with my brothers (anglophones), yes federalism( but 10 states), no division, no violences! M…

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I stand with my brothers (anglophones), yes federalism( but 10 states), no division, no violences! May god bless cameroon & cameroonian! My opinion thanks

Courtesy of… Andy Bar || 2017-01-25 09:49:29

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  1. No 10 state, independence is our proud, are stupid!

  2. Akawu Béni says:

    If u want 10 States , then fight for it. Don’t sit and wait for West Cameroons’ struggle for two federal states before bringing ur 10states issue. Fight for it

  3. Tiama Ayous says:

    Federalism is already a crime that is why our leaders are in cell so it is no longer an option.The only option left is separation.

  4. Sandra Marx says:

    We don’t need 10 state federation sorry only independence

  5. Lux Varish says:

    If Federalis 2 State. But seperation is best option

  6. No matter the numbers of states but southern Cameroon gonna be one state. So it can be 9 states

  7. No wey we one bet independent kk.

  8. sorry independence i stand,an is better an best for British cameroonians

  9. If federation was an issue then y are our leaders in jail?? Independence will do us good.


  11. Remi Dugha says:

    Shot up day dreamar , go brush your teeth if you just wake up from sleep. Then you letter come and ask the level which we are . INDEPENDENCE

  12. Remi Dugha says:

    Betrator :we know you one by one . When we finish with Paul , we will turn back and select the bad seeds amongst us (((:

  13. Mr. Andy Bar from 10 provinces to 10 regions has anything change if not the name ? Keep ur 10 in a box pls

  14. Tarke Tarke says:

    if you stand with us we will talk later but now safe our brothers and fathers in La Republique military court,prison, share this on your page now and i will belive you URGENT…………….. PEOPLE TO TWITTER, NEWS COMING IN LA REPUBLIQUE MAYBE DRAGGING NKONGHO AND FONTEM TO MILITARY COURT TODAY ONE WEEK BEFORE THEIR DUE COURT DATE…SOMETHING EVIL IS COOKING…people share wild and run to twitter with the hashtags #FreeFontem #FreeNkongho #FreeMancho #FreeAyah #FreeAllArrested #FreeSouthernCameroons

  15. Edward Foji says:

    To whom are you talking?

  16. Please carry that your 10 state thing and keep it far far far way ,I mean far,Southern Cameroon is a country on its on,if you are not comfortable with that plzz you can kindly nationalize in LRC

  17. Viola Konfor says:

    My brother we love you too but we just want to be on our own

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