"I Will Crush You" – Buhari To Bandits; "Government Better Cooperate, It Is Now War" – Gumi

2 weeks ago

Imo Governor’s House Burnt

Buhari who 2 days ago publicly defended Pantami has issued another empty threat to the murderous terrorists ravaging Nigeria to stop or he would crush them..

Imo state Governor’s country home was burnt today and security aides of the Governor are reportedly killed; Police also reportedly killed IPOB commander and 4 others

Bandits rejected N15m ransom for the kidnapped Greenfield University students, killed 3, demand N800m or they’ll kill more

Referendum is the answer

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Maiyegun General


The Struggle Continues

24 thoughts on “"I Will Crush You" – Buhari To Bandits; "Government Better Cooperate, It Is Now War" – Gumi”

  1. I am happy to hear that he knows he will stand before God. I don't think he knows which God he is talking about. He will be made to pay with his soul. Apostle R. A.

  2. it is like the Trump Presidency in the US, supporting the terrorist of America (republicans and their low information followers that fox news has continued to lie to, poorly educated, even their churches too are fraudulent

  3. Beast of No Nation (RIP Fela Kuti) aptly describes the present day problem of nomadic invasion & the possible outcomes. The foundation. of a failed State laid in Libya might find its next brick in Chad if/when it's fragile government collapses. It is highly likely that these nomadic invaders will succeed where they failed before in Chad, Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso, Northern Cameroon, Central African Republic & for strategic access to an ocean border, Nigeria. Southwest and Southeast Nigeria offer ideal seaport access and the takeover of these regions is of utmost importance for this new territory. Attention should be paid to this nomadic people group who appear cohesive in religion, culture & language. The Arabic language will serve as the lingua franca of this Sahelian imposed mega-state and the mineral resources of the overrun countries will make it immensely rich & powerful. Africa has always been known to be the theater for the next war of global magnitude. There is a new scramble for Africa ( Africa's resources) by foreign interests from China, Europe and the West. Ultimately, these foreign powers will realign and do business with this territory and it's Sahelian rulers.

  4. It is payback time for Kaduna little finger, El Ruffian. He has been playing dirty. He has been paying bandits saying there was no other way to stop them. Now, the chicken has come home to roost.

  5. If there isn't any solid reason why the Biafrans and Oduduwas should exit the contraption called Nigeria, the pure reason of the country being led by terrorist apologists is one REASON too many!!!!!!! Now we understand why the insecurity question in the country is intractable, now we understand.

  6. Apc govt brought terrorism 2 Nigeria, this is d time 4 Nigerians all over d world 🌎 2 unite n fight this common criminals. Nigeria is dead n long buried, God bless Oduduwa n Ipob, d shinning stars 🌟 of Africa. We can no longer live with killers, it is time 2 go our separate ways. We r seen all over d world as a terrorist Nation, what else r we waiting 4 ?. May God help us all…….πŸ™ŒπŸ™πŸ™. God bless u Dr/General Mayeigun…..πŸ™.

  7. Maiyegun Politico, You are marvelous!

    It is hoped that the Yoruba Nation would be realized in good time to save the Race.
    It is extremely saddening to know what has happened and still happening to millions of people in the Geographical Space called Nigeria.

  8. I suggest that this so called NIN program should be suspended for now untill this terrorist man Isa Pandemic are sacked! This soooo dergerous ooo! Citizens of nigeria! Your silence over this current issue have a heavy tears in near future! Protest against this bcos from the word of Gabge Shehu this is an agenda and they are determined to see it through!

  9. It's not about Nigeria but its about their agenda of fulanization, domination, stealing and bankrupting Nigeria. We will survive and out live them just like we out lived Abacha and Babangida.

  10. Buhari better stops boasting about things that he cannot do and are beyond him. On the other hand, he should start worrying about being crushed. Since he is only focused on "crushing" innocent citizens and protecting terrorists, the people will teach him how to properly rule the right way very soon, even if the whole country of Turkey convert into his guards. He believes only in power without applying wisdom and common sense. Such people are fools and are soon found nowhere.

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