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I will never date an Ambazonian girl again

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I will never date an Ambazonian girl again

Courtesy of… Oru Century || 2018-02-13 11:27:45

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  1. Konfor Felix says:

    Abeg house wunner give me diameter for this idiot Yi head.

  2. BC you are empty not sooooo

  3. Rockey Ali says:

    look ur hama head pig

  4. Glory Yong says:

    Because English language is more than you and you are not up to our level

  5. Prisca Ebage says:

    Beta Bcs U Are A Parasite U May Contaminet Them Thanks For Ur Decision We Dont Need Paracite U Are Wise

  6. Ur Head Di Occupy Space

  7. Fonkwa Helen says:

    Robish u not even my type ldiote

  8. What did the girls did to you?

  9. Aleh Ranita says:

    Pls Dont U A Nt Our Type

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