ICE Confirms Force Feeding of Detainees On Hunger Strike

3 months ago

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Feb. 1, 2019– Mary Greeley News – At least six immigrant detainees on a hunger strike have been force-fed through nasal tubes by immigration authorities, while nine other asylum-seekers are starving themselves, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed on Thursday.

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The Struggle Continues

45 thoughts on “ICE Confirms Force Feeding of Detainees On Hunger Strike”

  1. I know force feeding is painful, and excruciating. So if they're ILLEGAL, there's three choices. One, take the force feeding. Two, starve yourself to death. Three, stay home. Pretty simple to me.

  2. Republicans are really causing some problems. We need to arrest every racist republican in America, Mexicans are better people then you all ever can hope to be.

  3. Go home save food for someone who cares. Indian immigrants regularly starve because of their religion. I wouldn't even waste the tube go back to your own country. Why is our country the only one that puts up with this crap.

  4. Agenda to Destroy America moving as planned. Divide society, infuse communities with NON AMERICANS illegally entering. Illnesses rise. Angry goes, then Civil War. Urban warfare across the nation, in 357 Sanctuary cities and counties. Time is coming the next event IS DUE. God Bless be watchful

  5. Legal immigrants would like to get on with their lives. They would like all the detainees to stop coming in illegally. And they would appreciate not been bumped back as illegals are pushed ahead. I would appreciate our Congress if they changed all laws to prohibit illegals from getting asylum @ all. Round them up & ship them back. They can apply @ the embassy. Of course, almost all of them really do not qualify & everyone knows it. Border patrol & ICE are held hostage to the assine laws reguarding the Democratic sanctioned hordes.

  6. These people are doing this to themselves. For one, when are they going to be sent back to their countries? Get someone who speaks their language for Godsake. See what it is they wish to convey and Explain to them (IN FRONT OF A CAMERA AS PROOF) EXACTLY why they're being detained currently and WHY they must eat! Although I am sure, truthfully, these things have already been done and mainstream just wants to continue to suck that phallic paycheck they get, just to keep on lying and raping & exaggerating the truth into lies, every chance they get.

    Also, if ANY of these illegals want to live here as an American, then they MUST do what others before them have done, and who are now ALSO upset about the same as we are… Illegals thinking they have some right to remain here without paying taxes and working like the rest of us etc. Those before them got their CITIZENSHIP. And IF these illegal immigrants wish to live as Americans, then THEY TOO MUST get their CITIZENSHIP! Then they can vote and EVERYTHING, as those before them have done and BEEN DOING, for Godsake! They didn't get a free ride. And they sure as hell didn't boohoo and complain. They did what is supposed to be LEGALLY done! They went to immigration school and guess what?! GOT THEIR CITIZENSHIP! Must I repeat it all again in some other way, so even the younger generations of our fellow man finally gets it through THEIR THICK SKULLS? Or are they really THAT dumbed down, that they'd rather just continually disregard EVERY aspect of National Laws and OUR CONSTITUTION and DECLARATION of INDEPENDENCE?

    It's bad enough their education is flawed with the same lies mainstream media tells daily. But those damned itching ears keep getting the best of them. And sadly, they must like it! That is, until enough is enough. BUT WHEN THE HELL IS THAT, even?

  7. They should ship their butts back is right!!!! Stop wasting our resources on them, not to mention the inhumaness of it all. Who the hell do they think they are forcing people to eat against their will!!!! How infuriating 😩😡😡

  8. A bit of fasting does good for the soul…many have done 39 day fast and Christ Jesus says: 29 And he said unto them, "This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting.". So I say…be concerned after 21 days…souls are set free… And have you tasted government foods? Not fit for the pigs…just my opinion. USA seems like torture is a sport now…🙏🙏🙏

  9. We force feed the invading horde and give them everything they desire and our Wounded Military and Police and widows and widowers and orphans of these invading hordes get a pat on the back and a folded flag and a swift kick in the A*S???? WTF!!!!!! Ship the invading horde , and their parasitic attorneys out of America.

  10. Who knows what is really going on since they choose what to tell us, if true. Fact is, something has to be decided with these people sitting there. I think they are not eating because nothing is happening…no decisions being made…they are just sitting there with no answers. Somebody has to make some decisions here for these people instead of just letting them sit in cages.

  11. Why can't they just do their job and find out what's happening in the immigrants cases and get them updated and through the system? That would be better and probably easier if they would.

  12. Ok so I looked up migrant detention centers😳 200 across our country from 2015 till now. Obama gets them going. Trump fills them up in Jeff sessions private centers. At 125.00 a day × 14000 immagrants =21000.000 a day or close to it? Now we have a national freedom bonding company we can bond the migrants to help them starting at 1400.00 to 250.0000 ? So were giving our government 21000.00 a day. And the judges will let them out usually for the bonding amount? Wow have we been scammed or what. In 2017 alone 4000 children were locked up. And 11000 adults? Wow do they really think they were going to get away with this. Look up freedom migrant bonding? The story's they tell at the end say we didn't use the migrants real names for their protection. Oh my god do they think were stupid?

  13. The Walmart stores sell products made in Mexico, China, Indonesia, Turkey, Pakistan primarily. Now we see a long term plan unfolded. The Martial Law. In a very short time God Almighty is moving Earth's axis that will make all buildings fall. If you hear Angels telling you to run I suggest you obey.

  14. Rediculous! If someone chooses to not eat, then so be it! Hunger strikes are so dumb. How does starving yourself affect an adversary? Whole situation is insane – all illegal aliens should be deported – where they can then be where they want to eat again – if they so choose.

  15. This really bothers me to my bones. No one should ever be force fed like this. I would not complain if they starved to death. Frankly, they should just be deported in the first place not imprisoned like animals while being abused like this.

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