Igbo Group Trace Nnamdi Kanu Genealogy To Cameroun, Show History. Nigerians And IPOB Reacts. Details

1 week ago

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The Struggle Continues

21 thoughts on “Igbo Group Trace Nnamdi Kanu Genealogy To Cameroun, Show History. Nigerians And IPOB Reacts. Details”

  1. I should leave the man who care about me and follow blood sucking demons like u.Good man that want to give me a better life and follow some one who can not give me common macaroni,and spegeheti. God will soon deal with you people.

  2. Childish propaganda. From Cameroon or Jupiter NNAMDI Kanu remains one and only mouth piece of of Ndigbo. Those jealous of him should fall into the river, and we take every word of his very very serious.

  3. Saboteurs of Biafra land, In igbo land before someone can be installed leadership crown of a community or village, one of the paramount prerequisites is that your great grandfathers must be sons of the soil, their should by no means that the persons greet grandfather was a foreigner, an outcasts or someone with a questionable character ( criminal ) Therefore i do not know that particular Igbo group you are representing , and if all of your mothers are not being impregnated by the janjaweed fulani's which gave birth to fools and empty brains like you all that doesn't know your history. And that is why you can not represent Indi Igbo dum except fools and hooligans like you people,

  4. How many of these senseless hungry backbiters have stood up for the ibos, and they say they are not cowards. They are all still blinded by their desire to go to Aso rock. I think any of these guys know the history of Ibo land like MNK.

  5. This doesn't make sense at all. Some people, if someone is doing what the can not do, instead to congratulate him but the will like to put sand on it. I am ashamed to say that I am a Nigerian, cuz to me is not a country.

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