27 thoughts on “I'M M@D WITH OHANEZE NDIGBO – Igbo woman in Diaspora shouts!”

  1. What does she saying somebody's should advise her to go to Nigeria nd mobilise igbos women for protest .bcoz women have weight even more than men in protest.

  2. Biafra will be announce very sooner watch and see how elohim will do it biafra restoration is in yahweh elohim hand we are his children he is our father in heaven looking down the surfering of his children smile will soon enter in our faces watch and see

  3. We must keep on shouting out till our voice is heard from no way..we are not cowards fools like those that has batrayed us by collecting money from fulanis buhari aganda…we will not keep quiet till out last breathtaking

  4. Ndi Igbo ibe m,don't you guys think its high time we the people of Igboland start mounting real physical pressure on the so called Igbo political and cultural leaders who are in any way complacent and compromising on the issue of protecting the interest of Igboland, I just have a feeling that we the Igbo people have been so dormant and inactive and so much individualistic in our pursuits that we have allowed this vaccum of good leadership to be created.These ones claiming to lead us all these while has been some total failures and sellouts ,my question now should be, do we allow these people to continue to lead us into obvious extinction while we wander around in the wilderness of greedy and selfish accumulation of individual wealth or do we start now the long overdue awakening of the sleeping giant spirit of Igbo man to confront these dangers threatening to consume us from all angles?

  5. Sister, preach on, say it, our puppets slave governors and chiefs are the problems we have in Igbo land, we are watching them closely, soon we will start lynching them in public spaces. They are saboteur governors and chiefs.

  6. If we continue to listen to nnia nwodo and his associates for restructuring campaign with pandef middle belt forum afenifere. hausa fulani will overrun us.almost all yoruba political space is been occupied by Yoruba Muslims. This is the main problem we are facing in the whole southern Nigeria How can u make progress with Yorubas on this when they have already turn everything to religious politics surpporting the caliphate bcs of religion. This CNG 30 day automatum is a great opportunity for total separation. Nnia nwodo should call meeting of all Igbo groups and eliets and governors. After that send trailers luxurious buses to all northern parts of Nigeria ordering all Igbos and all Biafrans to return home to their region.within 48 hours Nigeria will take another shape u will see what will happen immedietly. This is what they did in 2017. u allowed them to get away with it. This time don't allow them to get away with this threat take action. Ur accurate decision in difficult situations that is what makes u or define u a good leader.

  7. Igbo we will tired to talk about in Nigeria government, not only 5 states Igbo stay in Nigeria, they are not happiness with what FG doing in country, we don’t know what Igbo want ? If independent with 5 states, that’s one can’t work, better FG continues give Allocation for states

  8. Those stupid Elders and Governor's supposed to be killed then we'll again face the church leaders bcoz they're once deceiving our people,, Look Rev.Fr Mbaka is not talking anymore after he has told us that Buhari is prayer answered

  9. You know I am very impressed with Prof. Anthony Ejiofor's call for action except his reference to "our leader Chief John Nnia Nwodo," yet he was present when Mazi Nnamdi Kanu visited Houston. This why I keep saying IPOB should upgrade to a Hezbollah like military-political organization with an independent strong military wing and then a politburo. Old cargoes like these ones will never believe in IPOB's wisdom and trying to appease them will be a most terrible mistake. Solution is simple, eliminate all enemies especially those within Biafraland and then lethality of your use of force will force those who disbelieve into changing their stance and pledging loyalty

  10. Nnia nwodo,I.J Inuigbo,Kenneth Okonkwo,Ekweremadu,ugwuanyi, I think Toni Mas. If Enugu state is captured by the caliphate, be it known to you that forever and ever, you have no home.

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