In Depth – Interim Budget: India's Digital Economy

2 years ago

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The global economy is undergoing rapid digital transformation. Internet has completely changed the way people communicate, socialise, work or even shop and sell products.
In India too, the surge in data consumption and rapid adoption of new technologies has transformed the lives of 1.3 billion Indians.

Today, India is the largest data consumer and the second largest smartphone market in the world. Among 17 major digital economies, India has the second fastest growth rate of digital adoption.

By 2025, India is expected to grow into a $1 trillion dollar digital economy. To realise this mission, the government has undertaken a series of pro-growth reforms in the past few years that have steered the digital economy on an upward trajectory.

Today’s IN DEPTH takes a look at the various initiatives of the government to enable India’s transition into a digitally empowered economy, how is digital transformation empowering the unserved and under-served segments of the society and the untapped opportunity of the digital economy…


The Struggle Continues

10 thoughts on “In Depth – Interim Budget: India's Digital Economy”

  1. biggest merit of getting digitalised is that it offers certain level of transparency and accountability to our system and hence reduces the level of corruption which further leads to the enhancement of rapidity with which development is taking place

  2. Thanks to rstv
    For this incredible episode.
    Our beautiful country India is the fastest growing economy in the world.
    Day to day our country working system is changing due to digital appliances. These all credit go to NDA government.

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