India orders deportation of migrants who fled Myanmar military coup

2 weeks ago

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People in the Indian state of Mizoram are welcoming migrants who have fled the military coup in Myanmar. The government, however, is ordering their deportation. Hundreds of people have crossed the border, including police officers and soldiers who say they fled because they were ordered to open fire on pro-democracy protesters.
Al Jazeera’s Elizabeth Puranam reports.

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The Struggle Continues

23 thoughts on “India orders deportation of migrants who fled Myanmar military coup”

  1. India had helped 1,000 Polish refugees during world war 2
    India had helped Bangladeshi refugees back when they were getting killed
    India has and still is helping Tibetan refugees from China

    India must not let go of its past to help refugees today,
    the government needs to change their policy!

  2. As neighbouring country we should support the movement for democracy….we heard everyday how the Myanmar military forces slaughter the civilian…. DEPORTATION???? as if we support the Myanmar military forces. DEPORTATION means DEATH for them

  3. WELL WE MAY BE ASHAMED AS A HUMANITARIAN REASON BUT India is doing the right thing if they don't send them back whenever the protest end and military in power in Burma they will sure create some disturbance in 7 sister states that's simple geography fact 😏 INDIA CANT HELP IT WE HAVE MUCH POVERTY AND TELL ME HOW MANY INDIANS ARE TAX PAYERS . EVEN IF THEY COME TO INDIA , WE WONT BE ABLE TO PROVIDE THEM WITH NECESSARY THINGS.India doesn't want to spoil its relationship with Myanmar military as they are important to control the activities of violent insurgent groups that have led to a lot of bloodshed in India
    Also, India wants to ensure its presence in Myanmar
    Back in late 80s and early 90s, when India supported NLD(Suu Kyi), they had to a pay a heavy price
    Thus, since 1992 Indian government irrespective of party and ideology have maintained good relations with the Myanmar military

  4. No coup refugee has been deported you are talking about plans of deporting the Rohingya refugees which has never actually happened yet. Refugees who are moving into india since the coup are being protected.

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