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Info just got to me that ambazonia is dead .is it true?

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Info just got to me that ambazonia is dead .is it true?

Courtesy of… Tamisco Monero || 2018-03-13 18:24:59

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  1. Okoro Jack says:

    Go ask your pa idiot

  2. Long AGO 😂😂😂 we are preparing the burial ceremony

  3. I wish u had ever come across a song like this, ” education is calling you!
    Sent ur children to school to learn!
    Education is calling u Cameroonians!
    Education is calling u” but then when we still had a link with LRP DU CAMEROON, so my advice to u the poster, child you are………………………………RIP STEP SON TO FOOLISHNESS

  4. From their jaws we shall know them

  5. Quinta Ngobe says:

    where was it before its death?Because have never heard or seen it.

  6. Drama Sadiny says:

    Ha Wat Is Ambazonia Never Heard Of It

  7. Yvonne Njoka says:

    It has resurrected o


  9. Ambazonia was dead over 56years ago.. Suddenly lord jesus resurrected ambazonia back to life… What a big miracle..

  10. Rock King says:

    Hahahahahahahahaha Bamenda mujuarey is full with lr military

  11. Nji Sandra says:

    Na your pa son die

  12. How will this stupid post be of help to this forum?

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