"Inside Military/Police NDU Village Interrogation" (What Actually Happened!!!) Lebialem Situation

1 week ago

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Cameroon’s Military/Police from what was found on this boy in Ndu – he is a candidate for further questioning (he is covering something up – who was the person he was taking the thing found on him to? he said a lot that needs to be exploited further! from his body reactions to your questions, there is something) after he gets better and fit again, extract information from him on camps so the camps can all be destroyed – he was clearly on his way somewhere??
But all interrogations have to be more secure and not too aggressive (questions have to be such that, you can tell if they know more – meaning military/police during the questioning you need to stay mentally alert to be able to know how to proceed with the suspect) interrogations should be done professionally, that is, after you know everything about what happened
-all interrogations should be done at police quarters (uncomfortable and suspect will be desperate to leave and get some good sleep at home, etc)
– do not beat because you all are just beating without any real plan, rather use other tactics like positioning/sitting in an uncomfortable position (make them stress on their own)
-have the suspect look at you at all times
-do not under estimate suspects (prepare well for an interrogation, gather all information needed, that is where searching the suspects home etc comes in and anyone connected) – I hope his house was searched before he went back? including the home of the person he indicated he was taking those whatever it is that was found on him. (the homes of all his family members, any one he knows, friends should be searched and questioned as well) gather everything u can – meaning know everything on them as much as possible (interrogations in a time of crisis should not be done any how like what was in this video – that was for amateurs! NEVER DO THAT AGAIN you cannot get any good intel like that – you are not in control that way, authority and command is crucial in interrogations) after a suspicious arrest, always let the professionals take over so that things are done in the right environment, something planned, to fit the occasion, that way the interrogation is FOCUSED with no distractions around to take them off the rails of the real issue at hand – anything that comes out of the suspect is useful and should not be missed from being analyzed further (all suspects are not the same, so attentiveness is KEY during an interrogation, very important so that you know where to make changes to get the suspect to crack
– interrogations require tactics and NOT necessarily TORTURE, because inflicting pain on a suspect does not mean u are in control (in their head is where you want to enter) have them look at you establish and avoid any distractions as you question – eye movements
-look for behavior that is not normal
– give the suspect something to eat/drink during an interrogation (you want them to survive for further questioning)
– avoid anything that can be used as propaganda
– undress suspects and search their clothes and bags
-have a second pair of eyes (to catch other things the suspect does while you maybe writing down something they said, it may be worthwhile)
-all questions asked should have a purpose
-mix hard and soft interrogation
– be sure what the suspect says are not lies – know when they are lying using what you gathered before the interrogation (be professionals)

From what has happened in Lebialem nothing suspicious should be over looked! it might lead to something

Lebialem is lamenting, it should now be clear that you need to stop supporting Field Marshal, Chris Anus and the rest because they have only just SCRATCHED the surface!!!
for those of you are supporting them, the deaths of the chiefs should make you understand the IMPACT of their kind of WICKED mindset (they mean none of you well – why would you all ever want such people leading anywhere in Southern Cameroon??? individuals who do not value human life HEARTLESS people who can just get up and decide to kill anyone at any moment! is that the kind of Southern Cameroon you want?)

marshal, anus, ayaba cho, and the rest of them are all a MAJOR hinged to the progress of the NorthWest and South West – consider the killing of the chiefs and help the Military arrest Field Marshall and put an end to Lebialem TERROR! trust me, this is just the tip! (the tip of the iceberg sure looks very different from what is under the water, the part you do not see – meaning there is worse to happen in lebialem/NW/SW! and even much worse if the NW/SW get the separation they foolishly want! if you do not condemn what they are doing NOW and stop creating MONSTERS in the NW/SW region)

Cameroon government this is your chance to work to have Anus and the rest off social media and deported!
After what Marshall has done in Lebialem, the military needs to gather the best and plan a formation and get into Lebialem and bring out Marshall because he is growing wings that need to be clipped immediately!


The Struggle Continues

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