Inside the Dubai Women's Central Jail in Al Aweer

8 years ago

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Gulf News visits the Dubai Women’s Central Jail in Al Aweer to see how inmates are being rehabilitated. See more at: See more at


The Struggle Continues

46 thoughts on “Inside the Dubai Women's Central Jail in Al Aweer”

  1. Mashallah, people can't believe that much it is a great country UAE but believes or not it is true video real, UAE is a great contrary I love this country more than my country even I live or not,

  2. Excuse me why Gulf News not other news channels gulf news can't speak the truth have a look at the cameras you will.know the.truth about all how they treat inmates like animals

  3. Firstly the inmates are not criminals most of them arrested cause they escaped their sponsors.
    Secondly there are no way to benefit from Arabic Education cause all of them will deport after completing their sentences.
    Thirdly the jail admins who arranges Mass Medias visiting.
    Fourthly, there is no way for the inmates or journalists to say other than that cause we all know what's meaning of being worker labor or journalist in UAE !

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