9 thoughts on “Interview with Hon. Wirba Joseph on The Ambazonia Independence Drive”

  1. Another IG bashing. Just work with what you have. Simple mr sako is the president, we contribute and support our troupes . It is working wirba. It is! The US the UN, the UK, the Germans, Switzerland and so on are now interfering in various ways. We are winning. We respect your ideas but all revolutions are not meant to follow the same path. This one started with the IG. It gave us an identity. Let's move on

  2. 🇺🇾💪AMBAZONIA defend yr RÉVOLUTION AMBAZONIA defend yr RÉVOLUTION and safe your people's FREE

  3. Thanks very much Hon Joseph Wirba for speaking the truth but nothing just the truth, may almighty God bless you and give you long life and the strength to keep on going with the great work, stay blessed 💞💞✊

  4. Mr. Weba, i like your courage and how you stood in parliament, and told them the truth. But I strongly disagree with you on your complaint about the diaspora and especially, the I.G. The IG has made some major financial mistakes as i have learned but we shouldn't just clean house completely, and set up a new IG. The messages and pictures that Chris Anu sent around the World to expose what was going on in Cameroon, helped a lot in alerting the people and major powers about the carnage that LRC was inflicting on the civilian population. The calls and interviews he made with many people, including Chiroma, to expose what was happening in Cameroon, were very important. Today, many of those leaders in Cameroon can be taken to the International Court of justice and be convicted based on what they said during these interviews. The constant pressure put on the government in Cameroon, by those protesting at the various capitals abroad, is very important and nothing annoys those African dictators like the protest being carried out against them, in the various European capitals. This is their bosses and where they hide their stolen money. When the people finally succeed in throwing them out, they run to Europe with their families and cronies. One of the greatest annoyance to an African dictator, is when you call attention to thier atrocities in Europe or America. Believe me, the Biya regime was planning to annihilate the communities of Ambazonia and do far worst than what we see now, but for the exposure by the diaspora, and i also thank the American ambassador, who has been a torn on thier side. Now, the Bamilikes have also seen what this Biya-Ewondo regime is, and they have declared their own state, than being slaves to Ewondos. Only a fool could not have seen what was coming.

  5. You said there is no country yet, which is true, but you makes yourself a big fool to refer to a country that isn't real as ambazonia. U said they lied to the people that there's a country, yet u are recognizing it name.

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