Investing $100,000 – How I would Invest a Lump-Sum of Money

2 weeks ago

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A lot of people ask me how I invest so in this video I run you through how I would invest a lump-sum of money, say $100,000, though my method would not vary even if this was much more, say 2M.

It is important to note this is not advice of any form but rather me sharing what I would personally do as well as the reasons behind it.

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It is important to note as always, while all the information is provided in faith that it is accurate and reliable. It is to be noted I am NOT a financial adviser and information given is purely my opinion on discussed matters. It is always recommended you speak to a financial adviser before making any financial decisions you may not be sure of.
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21 thoughts on “Investing $100,000 – How I would Invest a Lump-Sum of Money”

  1. Interesting premise for a video mate – nice one!
    Would love to hear whether you would think about extending some weighting for an ETF or exposure into a broader Tech index to ride the digital tailwinds?

  2. Because of my age compared to you I have to think differently. Was it you who suggesting UP bank? BC I just opened a new account with them. I also joined Self Wealth, not sure if you suggested them as well. If you did thanks. I have not long joined Self Wealth, so havent had much time to check out properly as yet. Im 50 debt free & own my home. Though I have alot of major renovations/restorations to do. I am a licenced Electrician & Carpenter so can do alot myself but still materials alone are not cheap & I have expensive taste it seems everything I like & want is quality, I hate rubbish anything. Anyway my point is I am a Precious metals buff. I have lots of physical silver, some Gold & platinium. And promise myself NO MORE. Ive dabbled into the bitcoin markets but only buy the 'blue chip' top 6 or 7 coins…I dont know enough & though I think there will be a future in bitcoin, i dont want to go crazy.
    My next move is…..I know I know ..I should of got into them along time ago. But after years working all day running a small business & stock market bored me to tears, I bought books to learn that sat on the desk & never read. I did miss on opportunities big time. I have alittle more time now, & many more years to come, Im not wizseling dixies just yet.
    Because I luv my metals, I want to & believe there is great future & opportunities in mining stocks. ( Im still learning the diff between stocks vs Efts) I want to get in on Australian minning stocks or Efts. ? The trick is to get in while the stocks are cheaper with promising young minning companies that will take off. There are many start up companies that dont go anywhere. There is a strategy to this. I was listening to a experienced minning stock investor, he said the idea is to pick ten of the best up & coming, If you pick & do your homework, 4 out of your 10 picks will become a success. You will do well. Its sorting out whats chaf & whats hay.
    I know the markets are a big gamble atm & ready to crash. I heard & it makes sense, they are artificially inflated by the federal reserve, the feds are buying up & bailing out many of these companies making them look good, i think its called spoffing or something. ( im talking about the whole stock market now)
    So obviously keep away from those, this is another reason I want to stick with mining companies and in Australia to start. Then others I hear new silver company's starting in Mexico..
    Do you know much about minning companies, ? Do you know anyone who does, ? We need raw commodities or we have nothing, no phones, no technology, no mirrors to look at ourselves, the best mirrors have a thin coat of silver. And did you know there is less silver on earth & mined then Gold. Gold has far less uses. The G & S ratio is out of wack.
    Sorry I know its a long comment mate.

  3. surprised youre not into property. I get that with stocks it goes up in value, and when your net worth is at the retirement amount, you can withdraw a set amount each year until your predicted death age and live off it. but with property, you can get the rent, and still keep the asset, the rent also alllows you to leverage as the rent will cashflow the loans. but mainly being able to hold the asset as it grows in value, while still getting a passive income, is great imo.

    a lot of billionaires, retired as millionaires quite young, got bored, realised they had more to offer, and use their wealth and the fact they had time, to chase their purpose – and end up quite well. retiring at 30 would be great, but I think, after a little while engaging in your hobbies 24/7 until death will get boring. Men need a purpose. I think men also hit their stride at around 40 too

  4. Wait, so what exactly is the amount you’d expect to be left with in 10 years when you reach your retirement age of 30? Like what do you expect these ETF investments to make you? I’m ignoring that oh so important compounding feature, but you’d probably expect 7-10% from an etf right?

  5. Which ETFs would you choose to diversify the portfolio most? Mainly in the undeveloped markets that you have mentioned.

    Only discovered your channel a couple days ago mate, loving it keep it up

  6. I would be very interested to know how you put Ben’s advice from the CSI channel into practise using ETF’s on the ASX. Essentially, how do you create a low cost, globally diversified ETF portfolio with some added ETF’s for the factor tilt exposure?

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