21 thoughts on “IPOB Are Calling For Revolution As Police Crash With Members In Umuahia, Abia State”

  1. do not be afraid of their bullet, you are just talking. are you people going to give me my money in first bank. for now, no biafra. stop wasting your time. Nigerian is owning my country. who's going to pay for it. biafra took share in the money.

  2. How to win biafra, while there's no money, asking for donations. many igbos we think is a scam. because igbos are doing like that. kanu and his family has use because of biafra and become rich. I can't die for nonsense. let's us be one Nigerian. igbo are worst. I'm igbo, but biafra should go to hell. jobless people

  3. My money in first bank Nigerian, I'm still in abroad, who will give it to me, is it kanu or biafra? Pls answer me that question. if divided now, I will lost too much millions. go die

  4. bastard people, you are not afraid of bullet, you are just talking. go get gun and shoot, and stop making noise, guns are very cheap. thunder kill kanu and his wife and family. idiotic people. this what biafra deserve, let that Hausa continue to rule us, in igbos next world, let them know how to love their brothers like Hausa people. stupid people

  5. You are dreaming, people who supposed to talk about biafra, are there eating money, you are there asking for donations. you don't have money, pls remain gay, said by I go die the comedian

  6. abia state, criminal state. who don't know you people. for me, I no you all very well. thieves. I swear to God. I prefer buhari than atuku, my mother is a woman leader ward five and she is enjoying Nigerian money

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