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Is Cameroon also a “shithole” country?

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Is Cameroon also
a “shithole” country?

Courtesy of… Elvis Achu || 2018-01-13 11:38:44

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  1. Amba Bakweri says:

    100% in fact the shittest country on earth!

  2. Mus Nestor says:

    Cameroon na Shithole nor. All ministers them na toilet roll.

  3. Maya Yuandim says:

    Everyone is trying to tweet what they feel about this #shithol of a thing, no one is tweeting actions to be taken about this shithol f**********k of a thing 💪💃

  4. U dey ask answer where Sen M F Charlie come answer this shithole wahala lol

  5. Makel Drumz says:

    Its the shitiest of all the holes

  6. That grand too much with bad mop chaaa

  7. Blaise Likoy says:


  8. How can you say that, na capo for shithole noh

  9. Funwi Neba says:

    Its is not only a shithole country but its the capital of shithole countries worldwide.

  10. More than all plus shit

  11. It’s the biggest “shirt hold” where all the African countries can “shift” at once

  12. No ohhhhh…..
    Cameroon is a PIT LATRINE

  13. Shithole passamoooh br ye worser than

  14. Cameroon in particular shit hole

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