Is it true schools are resuming?

1 year ago

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Is it true schools are resuming?

Courtesy of… Bebe Gla || 2017-01-27 14:22:28

The Struggle Continues

25 thoughts on “Is it true schools are resuming?”

  1. Certificates From The Cameroons Shall Not Be Recognized

    As of today, UNESCO has earlier said that all certificates from Cameroon for this academic year 2016/2017 shall not be recognized internationally. However, the power to declare the school year blank rest only with the Government of Cameroon. UNESCO has already taken its decision. This means that whether Paul Biya declares the school year blank or not, NO CERTIFICATE from Cameroon will be recognized internationally and therefore the school year is useless. La Republique is only playing with time to avoid an explosion in its own part of the country. Those going to school in French Cameroon are currently wasting their time. It is over. This is the time for us to start thinking seriously about reconstructing our statehood. Why La Republique is feet dragging is that they need 11th February to occur in West Cameroon because of its historical importance. Once 11th February boycott is effective, the regime will have no choice than to declare a blank school year ( declaring it or not does not even matter). The army may step in if Biya does not call an official dialogue as our sources reveal. Southern Cameroonians should, therefore, remain resolute.

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