Israel – Clashes

4 years ago

T/I: 10:19:32

Clashes continued overnight on Sunday (27/09) between Israeli-Arab and Israeli security forces after Israeli police tried to evacuate Israeli-Arab protesters staging a sit-in on a plot of land the army wants for a training ground. Dozens of civilians and policemen were injured on Sunday during the clashes near the Israeli-Arab town of Umm al-Fahm in Northern Israel.


WS night shot of riot police,
Protestors running though street,
Israeli police water cannon being used against demonstrators;
CU injured Israeli on ground,
WS smoke rising from building,
Soldiers helping injured man run along street,
WS water cannon;
MS injured man being carried away by demonstrators shouting Bibi must go;
Man being lifted and put in back of van;
WS protestors gathered around bonfire,
MS man thowing a stone.


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The Struggle Continues

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