Israel: Protesters slam Netanyahu’s abandonment of UN migrant deal

9 months ago

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Protesters took to the streets of Tel Aviv on Tuesday to voice their disapproval of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s suspension of a UN agreement to grant temporary residence to thousands of African migrants in Israel, as well as resettle a further 17,000 in Western countries rather than deport them back to African nations.

Some protesters posed as African slaves with chains and a price tag, and others chanted slogans such as “Every person is a person, we all have the same blood.”

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“Me as a resident of south Tel Aviv and hundreds of thousands of more residents of south Tel Aviv together with the asylum seekers that are our neighbours are very disappointed that the historical decision of the prime minister of Israel of yesterday is now not on the table,” a protester said.

The Israeli government announced on Monday that it had reached a landmark agreement with the UN to scrap its plans to deport thousands of African asylum seekers, however, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suspended the deal hours later in the face of backlash from his own government.

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