Issa Tchiroma interviewed on the matters at hand

1 year ago

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We want President Paul Biya, Paul Atanga Nji, Paul Ghogomo, Paul Fame Ndongo, Paul Issa Tchiroma, Paul Yang Philemon and a coalition of lies tellers including the Paul Cavaye Gibril to play this audio together together and tell southern Cameroonians why they should not be independent. Ni John Fru was the president elect in 1992 you refused him the chance to become president. Today Issa Tchiroma clarified us in this speech that they Master minded the rise of Boko Haram and today we have the wrong people in jail and in their graves. We thank Issa Tchiroma for this revelation. Paul Biya we think you should remain in power in La Republique and finish what you started more than 3 decades ago. The only thing we want from you is our independence. We will be asking you to say something about it gradually. But when we will run out if time…


The Struggle Continues

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