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Issa Tchiroma: We are the champions and Thanks to President Paul Biya

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Issa Tchiroma: We are the champions and
Thanks to President Paul Biya 😀😀😀

Courtesy of… Tsounami Hiroshima || 2017-02-05 21:37:16

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  1. God has given you victory to solve the anglophone problems

  2. Magida chiroma issa bakary that’s 4 u and the god u worship

  3. this is a step forward to grant our independence mr President

  4. Am sure this mr iss has ran out of constructive ideas
    He has nothing else to say except a word of thanks in everything to mr B

  5. Is any of these people playing?

  6. Mengi Derick says:

    Luck at me this stupid man are u normal?????

  7. Quin Fonten says:

    While we mourn for our people that were killed and those missing, as if that is not enough and still in pain for those kidnapped not forgetting our raped girls. In this very painful condition some people are rejoicing o er material things which does not equal one human soul.
    The Bible says mourn with those who mourn and celebrate with those who celebrate so those who choose to celebrate while we are mourning have just told us were they belong.
    Since the killing, kidnapping and raping of our people some people keep profiling merry making pics telling us that we amount to nothing and when we are killed we do not deserve to be mourned for.
    Cow wey no get tail na GOD di drive ei fly

  8. Alicia Kim says:

    Tsuip aka dat na ur own

  9. issa man why always thank the president.

  10. Don’t trust issa at all.

  11. Linda Fofung says:

    Na Biya play the match, pls be reasonable for once

  12. Zama Ndefru says:

    What good is gold on a pig?

  13. I wonder if Paul Biya was on the field

  14. Issa chiroma is the greatest puppet I’ve ever seen…even at his age he does everything being told to do despite the fact that he insulted biya in the early 2000s and is now giving Biya his ass for Biya to fuck at volunter…Bastard

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