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It is very easy to know a traitor , he will not say anything when you are expecting him to speak , h…

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It is very easy to know a traitor , he will not say anything when you are expecting him to speak , he will not answer your questions but instead ask his , come to think of it,

Why is Fru Ndi silent all this while??
why are we not talking about the lake Nyos incident?
why did PMUC choose only Fru Ndi’s building in Bamenda?
Why did Fru Ndi Nominated his SG of SDF a guy from LRC at this pricise time?

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we are not asking much it is either you are with us or against us , pa just come out and tell us your point of view,
The world will not be destroy by those doing bad things but by those watching

Courtesy of… Terence Ambe || 2017-01-27 09:30:17

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  1. for get about that foolish traitor he knows what he is doing, when independent comes now he will b the first to come out

  2. Let’s forget about him.him time is over.we need but young and intellectual leaders Now to build our own generation of leadership. We should forget about dose autothon policians wit German ideas.

  3. Just that some of us are confused. Ni never had a plan for this movement. How do you expect him to champion the course?.since he is not causing anything contrary to our struggle ,he shouldn’t be given names.he did his part for the struggle by rallying the population of buea to stand firm that is why we are victorious today.when rumour came out that the consortium leaders were held hostage in a meeting in bamenda,ni went there in person indicating that he’s is for the people but not his time to take the lead.remember this issue is not easy as some ofus think. So if you lack ideas chill for a moment you may grasp a handy one somewhere

  4. That man no gat bull’s under e lags

  5. Please guys we should do our own and live this man.wen time comes he will come up.he can see.members of his party are showing up.do you know their plans?our problem is we toulk a lot.

  6. Philip Ako says:

    Terence Ambe I think there is something terribly wrong with you . You have falling in love with the word traitor with out fully understanding its meaning and implications. A person who is a traitor was the first person to gather his troops ie , parliamentarians and Senators to march in the streets of Bamenda and Buea in support of the common law lawyers? A traitor who has clearly shown and demonstrated his support for the cause by stating unequivocally the position of the SDF vis avis the present crises in the resolution of the last NEC meeting.Mr Ambe , except you are one of the agents sent by La Republique to water down this struggle, otherwise I have not heard you say anything about Achidi Achu including the other well placed anglophones in the Biya’s government .Do you have skeletons in the cupboard or you have just fallen in romance with the word taitor?

  7. wona don forget say all tin weh e no na for shout (power to the people)

  8. Young Lesley says:

    SDF is a political party in Cameroon not west Cameroon party or freedom fighters as some of u think.

  9. Mid Dvd says:


  10. A good father must provide his children need as posible.

  11. No he has to be silent dnt forget he is a politician, if he talk it wll be as if is a politic issue dr brodas lets play our part and live d rest to God

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