It’s Okay That Obama Did it, But Not Trump!

8 months ago

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DHS Secretary article:

CNN Article:

Casa Diego 06 15 HD 1080p – Department of Health and Human Services:

Warren on DHS secretary:

2015 article on border controls:

U.S. Homeland security chief heckled at Mexican restaurant over immigration policy:

Obama Executive Order:

Flashback 2005: Sen.Obama On Illegal Immigration:

Trump on Jeruselem:

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31 thoughts on “It’s Okay That Obama Did it, But Not Trump!”

  1. So let me try to get this straight, re. the story from 2014…the Guatemalan-born mother, who had been living in the LA area (presumably illegally herself) for the past 6 years, had two other children back home in Guatemala, now aged 7 and 10, and decided that it was time for them to join the family so sent word to whoever was looking after them back home (her own parents?) to give them some cash, pack a little bag for them, and tell them to start heading north, and try not to get robbed, raped, sold into slavery, or arrested on the way. These kids have not seen their mother for 6 years, probably don't even remember her, or the younger one certainly doesn't. The kids are probably perfectly used to their however imperfect lives in Guatemala, going to school, have friends, close to whatever family members have been raising them, and now they're told they have to leave everything they know behind and to travel ALONE to a strange country to be "reunited" with a mother they don't even remember. Are there actually parents in this world who are that stupid and callous and negligent? Is this actually the norm in some cultures?

  2. Trump this, Trump that, Trump the other. Everyone just talks about Trump, Trump, Trump. Making this a perfect time for corporations and the military industrial complex to do what they do best. It's called distraction. It's the thief who rings the fire bell. How do you not get this, CF? Are you with their program, or do you just not understand yet? Wake up, brother.

    Check out Lee Camp who is addressing really relevant stuff on the Redacted Tonight show, or would your largest donors at Patreon disapprove?

  3. You only need to listen to Trump…and then go back to videos of Clinton and Obama. They are all on the same page when it comes to the very same issues and policies.

    You have to remember liberal (leftist) logic and how it changes, minute by minute. The difference being that we have videos on it as proof. Yet, Democrats won't be happy until they turn the country into a third world shit hole…and then take that "white flight" to Canada (lord knows they'd never move to Mexico…that shit hole).

  4. Build the fking wall ! The more the left hate something the more it needs to happen ASAP !
    ᴷᴵᴸᴸ ᴸᴱᶠᵀᴵᔆᵀ ᴸᴱᴬᴰᴱᴿᔆ ᵎ 켘🇺🇸 ̯̪ ̪ ⍝̪ ̪ ˁ ̊̅ ͛ل͢ ̊̅ ˀ ̪ ̪⍝̪ ̯̪ 🗽⚖ ♤=♤├┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┤"ᵀʰᵉ ᵂᵃˡˡ ᴶᵘˢᵗ ᴳᵒᵗ ᵀᵉᶰ👣ᴴᶤᵍʰᵉʳ" ⁻ ᴰᴶᵀ

  5. My brother in law supplies the food for the post 72 hour detention centers. They get unlimited soda. They get a wide variety of fruit even if it is off season and twice the price. They get rib eye steaks most cannot afford. They are treated like royalty.

  6. Let's count all the overblown, tacked on descriptors. Agony. Dared. Saga. Disturbing AND Tactic (two fer!) Imperil. Victim. Abuse. And the media wonders why people are running away from the news. Just reading that sounded like a shame lecture from a college professor. You're not suppose to take in any of the context of the article, only those key trigger words and the banner headline. It's actually quite brilliant how the media influences people this way. But the minute a person catches on to it, they feel insulted.

    And as this video pointed out, this article was from 2014. Even back then, the media were writing articles that sounded both pompous and preachy at the same time. Even liberals will find it hard to read that stuff for long. It eventually wears on you and you start to feel negative vibes from it, even if you can't quite place how it is influencing you.

  7. Irony, if conservatives had the same moral and ethical standards as progressives, they would secretly sterilize the children to insure they couldn’t have anchor babies.

  8. Trust me it's true Mexicans just send the kids or they the parents go first and order them to follow a day later most end up in captivity by way of coyote or snake head that's nothing really sometimes the coyotes fight each other and steal each other's cargo it's messed up

  9. It's the white man's fault that these children are in these "detention centers". It's got nothing to do with the adults around the kids before they cross, it's the big mean white man.

  10. So… I am loving the oversimplification of this partisan hack of a Irishman. First of all: yes, Obama did horrible things to asylum seekers of our country. He used ICE just the same as their founder George Bush. He was called "Deporter in Chief." But he was sooo eloquent and smooth that he put "The Left" to sleep all the while implimenting right wing policies not just on immigration but on many things. He ramped up our war machine and gave it to Trump. Speaking of foreign policy… You know how I said "Asylum Seekers" instead of undocumented immigrants? Well why do you think that is? Cuz American foreign policy has essentially destroyed Meso and South America, and propping up dictators that will give up resources to our corporate autocrats. You talk so much about the issue as tho these people woke up one morning and said, my country doesn't have Disney Land so we're gonna take a periless journey across a mostly uninhabitable landscape to go to a country that isn't welcoming of us to begin with. Think for a moment. Finally. Don't be such a gd hack. A human rights violation is a human rights violation. And this redundant, post 9/11 reactionary gestapo-esque ICE needs to be dismantled like the Patriot Act that spawned it. And finally: You have no idea how laws work here. If an alien comes here asking for asylum they're SUPPOSED to approach a boarder patrolman in which they're given a lawyer and they stay in asylum until otherwise stated. Stick to bashing EU immigration and chasing the SJW bogeyman while citing nonsensical r/K psuedo-science.

  11. Difference is, yes there were some separations under Bush & Obama, however they used FAMILY detention facilities, allowing the whole family to stay together while awaiting their deportation or immigration status. There was no blanket policy to prosecute parents and separate them, unlike Jeff sessions zero tolerance policy to prosecute and separate ALL children.

  12. Obama's black… it's okay… much like how they play Trump "sexually harassing" women, even though they are consensual adults, Trudeau was reported to blatantly sexually harass a female reporter because he's a feminist.

  13. A fair amount of people are complaining about the American government trying to stem the flow of unskilled, illegal aliens into the U.S. of A. Why aren't those people concerned with the reasons why all of these illegal aliens are trying to escape Mexico and other Central and South American countries? Why aren't those people outraged at the governments of THOSE countries for not having any concern for their own people? This world is full of people who seem to be barely intelligent enough to not eat their own shit, but they'll readily eat the lies of the socialists.

  14. The new generation of elitists, hollywood celebs and EU politicians are hypocritcs and choose to easily switch sides or defend their own identity instead of actually caring or admiting their faults. 'Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.' George Santayana

  15. It's come out today that the screaming child that was the focus of this new frenzy actually wasn't separated from it's mother and the mother was right there as the picture was taken. The child stopped crying once its mother picked it up. The media just took a misleading picture and lied about it.

  16. Let's make rape a sacrament. Rapists can simply call the crime "undocumented hanky-panky" and fill tabloids with hair-raising tales of dodging authorities. Readers will learn how hard it is to live in the shadows of society just because one commits crimes. Rapists are human, after all, and do what most Americans won't. We should welcome them with open arms…and women with open legs!

  17. Propaganda only works if it's repeated often enough AND not countered.

    Liberals keep lying. Unfortunately for them, Trumpers keep fighting back with Truth.

    So what happens when lies aren't debunked?

    Germany PR said Jews were vermin. State media quashed dissent. That led to Jews being gassed by a pesticide (Cyclone-B) developed in a lab built for a WWI…wait for it…Jewish chemist!

  18. Dave, Quit trying to prove the CommieLeft wrong on this issue, This issue has NOTHING to do with children or families! It is bait that too many have swallowed taking their attention and outrage off the real story! Leftist Bait & Switch!!! This has only been made into an issue to DISTRACT FROM THE FBI/Obama/Clinton/Comey/Democrat Conspiracy that was Exposed last week. Heads NEED TO ROLL due to the TREASON EXPOSED!

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