Jacob Rees-Mogg Completely DESTROYS Left-Wing Hypocrisy on Harsh Language and Free Speech

1 month ago

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John McDonnel, Jeremy Corbyn and the whole hard-left gang are no match for Mogg’s eloquent rebuttals. To provide some context, Mogg and others had been …


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35 thoughts on “Jacob Rees-Mogg Completely DESTROYS Left-Wing Hypocrisy on Harsh Language and Free Speech”

  1. It beggars belief, listening to this toff's hypocrisy, patronising the audience with his condescending drawl. What is difficult to understand is how honest, thinking, working people can be captivated by this spiv who can't separate politics from personal greed. It's shocking how far politicians like him, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage have debased the idea of Britishness.

  2. Tories you are the left and the reason we have a hard left is because of you melts going farther and farther to the left. The fake conservatives are destroying this nation.

  3. Why does the left seem to have no limitations about their speech and their actions, but other's speech is deemed "hate speech"? I don't believe in censorship of any kind. But if I did, I would certainly want it to be against the left speech and its hypocrisy. It seems to me the left promotes division, hate, and violence. Maybe the best way is not to censor them, but just don't give them a platform.

  4. Well done JRM. I listen better than your host does apparently. He was trying to cover for the muppetry of the lefty politicians, who showed quite clearly that they would not baulk from using Aggression or even violence towards their critics? Thankfully, as long as you’re in our corner, they’ll not get away with it. Thank you.

  5. So being a free market disciple, embracing State Aid and embarking upon an unprecedented pre covid raid on The Bank of National Debt, provides the ideal platform for pointing fingers at others for hypocrisy?

    See how thick Brexitories are?

  6. Mugg the Weak is getting desperate, he's posting ancient clips of Rees-Smug talking about yesterday's men. It's a sign the the Tories are getting battered in parliament this week over their blatant corruption.

  7. I address you personally sir if I may. Why are you not talking about what is happening to us ? We are controlled and manipulated by the government ( they don’t deserve a capital G ) as they continue to perpetuate the narrative, devoid of any compassion or human kindness. The government and mainstream media have instilled fear into the people with lies and propaganda. They are complicit in the crime against humanity, destroying lives and taking away our rights and freedoms. We are standing by and letting it happen. Your government sir has the power to do good yet they do us harm. I cannot bear to see how much our children and loved ones are suffering. We deserve better. It is terrifying. I have great respect for your knowledge and intellect, you will have done your research, you must know the truth as the facts unfold. We need your integrity. If you are able, with the help of others, please do all you can to save us from this tyranny and consequent genocide. The damage has been done. We are in the hands of God.

    The truth is incontrovertible ….

  8. A Tory preaching about hypocrisy, the brass neck of it. Talking about free speech, where has our right to protest gone? Your tag lines repeatedly illustrate the playground mentality of the Tory political class.

  9. Moggie is always entertaining. Tony Benn was the same. Very entertaining. Both clever and well educated.There is nothing worce than a tedious politician. Well, perhaps tea with the Queen. She only wants to talk about EastEnders or James Bond.

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