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Jet Stream- Morisco

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New track I made. I hope you enjoy 🙂

There is a download link and you can still download for free or pay what you want, in need for samples, artwork and other software so all the help will be much appreciated. Any money received will go towards improving my music

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The Download Link:

The Facebook Page:

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  1. How can you be so unknown Oo, you are one of the best artist I listen too!!

  2. Jacob Munoz says:

    i saw your comment on Lost In The Echo Remix and your dubstep is amazing 🙂 keep up the good work.

  3. not bad but something is missing…I don't know right now but… add a little something :/

  4. OhMy Brad says:

    Nice stuff. Why you no reply to my e-mail Morisco 😕 :(

  5. Message me again i cant find it 🙂 

  6. This is good. This guy is going places!

  7. blow n smack says:

    61 likes 0 dislikes loolol! It diserves it tho…

  8. Kyle Ryan says:

    I could possibly be making a montage for a game called Combat Arms soon, do you think I could use some of your music in my montage? :)

  9. not bad! glad i clicked on your channel! 

  10. Georgia B says:

    Hi Alex. this is a cool song

  11. How do you get the waveforms on your video?

  12. Jules Currer says:

    This needs more views.

  13. MrAndy732 says:

    why dosn`t this video have more views ???????

  14. VET ROVA says:

    hey bro ima make a video of my favorite top 5 dubstep/ electronic music can i add this song???

  15. Sam Hillyer says:

    Can imagine you just grooving around to this, it's so dance-to-able. BA-NA-NAA-NAAA-NANA-NOO-NA. XD

  16. Spaceman says:

    well it has alot of different baselines so i couldnt be sure on what it is but its still fucking awesome!!

  17. TheRavenRave says:

    This is abosolutly just amazing! I hope you don't mind if i feature you on my channel. I gave you full credit 🙂 Your work is amazing and I wish the best on getting to monstercat. Even though you are better than most on there already 🙂 just felt like showing some of my support! Your're amazing. ok. I'm done i swear lol

  18. Cocotabou says:

    omg your music is just amazing! hope you the best! on your way to monstercat, which will only be the beginning ;)

  19. Damn this is awesome!! you will one day be a very well known artist keep up this good work

  20. This is now my favorite song. You need to be on monstercat

  21. The Katic says:

    Why does this awesome song only have 2,5K Views? It deserves much much much more.. Like 100M… Really.. This is so unfair, Justin Bieber gets 800M views for being retarded.. and Morisco? 0… :/ It's so sad.

  22. Aezal says:

    I just dont understand why this video only got 2,6k views..
    Its too epic

  23. Cocotabou says:

    I love this Song, please make more like this one, it's epic :)

  24. Why do you call yourself Morisco?

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