Jet Stream- Morisco

5 years ago

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New track I made. I hope you enjoy 🙂

There is a download link and you can still download for free or pay what you want, in need for samples, artwork and other software so all the help will be much appreciated. Any money received will go towards improving my music

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The Download Link:

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The Struggle Continues

26 thoughts on “Jet Stream- Morisco”

  1. This is abosolutly just amazing! I hope you don't mind if i feature you on my channel. I gave you full credit 🙂 Your work is amazing and I wish the best on getting to monstercat. Even though you are better than most on there already 🙂 just felt like showing some of my support! Your're amazing. ok. I'm done i swear lol

  2. Why does this awesome song only have 2,5K Views? It deserves much much much more.. Like 100M… Really.. This is so unfair, Justin Bieber gets 800M views for being retarded.. and Morisco? 0… :/ It's so sad.

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