#JJM Cape York Episode 8 – The Old Telegraph Track.

5 years ago

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Archer River to Bramwell Junction then the Southern section of the old tele track and onto camp at the northern end of the old tele track. BIG day.


The Struggle Continues

10 thoughts on “#JJM Cape York Episode 8 – The Old Telegraph Track.”

  1. How cool is the treasure hunt? What a great idea!
    Oh man. Now the hard work really begins. Looks like fun!
    It would certainly be a different scene in the wet season.
    What was the story with the stuff all over the creek bank at 11:25?
    Amazing swimming hole at the end!

  2. great vid again!! im watching them twice now lol just want to get as much info as possible thanks for the map ideas and help so fa
    r im basing my bike prep on yours how much food did u take ?

    thanks for subscribing if u look on my channel there is the great Australian ride its from east to west cool trip for charity I done

  3. it is called berty creeck and did it when u did it but in 2015 and doing it ever 5 years and when i get my bike lisenc i will go up there with my dad but he can do it because he has a bike licenc so have to wait a while because i am 9

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