Johannes Mezgebe on The Transformation of the African Union Since its Creation and Way Forward

4 months ago

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The Struggle Continues

20 thoughts on “Johannes Mezgebe on The Transformation of the African Union Since its Creation and Way Forward”

  1. Faki is not working for Africa. I have never heard even a fifteen minute talk from him. How do we as African people let happen such a disgraceful situation. No other people would ever tolerate such treachery. If he were doing this in the US ir Europe he might be assassinated.

  2. If he runs unopposed it will be a travesty. This will make me not want to move to Africa. It sounds like the African heads of state set maneuvering to keep themselves in power.

  3. The fifty heads of state contrived this situation. Why? They don't want a unified Africa. Africa should have one President like China, the US, Canada, India, other strong countries. Look at Latin America. They have many leaders and it's chaos there.

  4. What He said about Youth inclusion is vital for generational development. Why not have a vibrant AU Youth Corps with units well placed and subsidized in high schools, universities and Traditional orgs to participate in apprenticeships at all levels of AU & African Leadership and governance???

  5. Africa Union was meant to be ruled by people with a Pan-Afrikanist attitude and agenda. Dr Arikana Chihobori-Quao is a good example of somebody with a vision, who's every step on the ground is advocating practically for a united Afrika at home and abroad…these people like Fakir are just sellouts who are the stumbling blocks meant to stifle Afrka's progress and its aim to achieve its goals. Other good examples are Julius Malema (SA), Dr Umar Johnson (USA), Bishop J Maponga (Zimbabwe), and so on…people with Pan-Afrikan vision, actions, and mentality…otherwise, we'll forever chasing our tails.

  6. African leader are corrupt and there corruption is coming to an ended this is why they disqualified him. our leaders and African Union is like when wetern are control them and manipulate the African Union not choose Dr Aricana. she made the threaten shark the world. We don't need faki, we don't see any achievement of faki. Dr Arikana she is the public demand. let African Union respect voice of Africans.

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