9 thoughts on “JOHN MBAH AKURO free the Ambazonian people from Sako’s MANIPULATIONS until then Ambazonia is doomed”

  1. Let Sako stay there until Ayuk S. Tabe comes out!
    What is the deference between the governing council and government when both would have been carrying diplomacy etc.
    What do you think???
    But I'm worried about the way you are driving.
    Why are you saying all this in public???
    What are your thoughts about Ayaba?
    You sound here as some one coming out to sabotage.

  2. we are tired of talking! Action is what we need. You so called leaders have failed us. We shall act as the people, buy guns for our boys to protect our women and children bc you people are just talking too much. Yesterday it was Akwanga today is you sir .

  3. You're being childish and immature here. A wise and ripe leader will never come out to complain childishly like this but meet the people concerned one-on-one and seek for concrete solutions. You cannot make the IG unpopular with such outings, which is your objective.

    You rightly say all groups are responsible, then why do you not say all micro-groups should be dissolved starting from the "consortioum" and ADF's "Ambazonian Governing Council" which is also a "Government".

    Your problem seems to be biaise, probably because the IG is more popular, more influential and recognized by many nationally and internationally, especially by major Ambazonian figures like Nfor Ngala Nfor, Mola Njoh Litumbe, Carslon Anyangwe etc.

    Please, anyone wishing to be a leader in this African Liberation Initiative in Ambaland should do more networking and constructive actions than wasting time in the social media talking ill of others.

  4. Sorry john Mbah Akuro, we Ambazonians are not fools or babies ok? Sako is going nowhere for he is our AIP until our fathers Sisseko and pa Tassang are freed. We don't even know why you're crying over spilt milk. Everyday Sako this, Sako that, wona go tire ooh, bcus the IG is the people's government period.

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