8 thoughts on “John Mbah Akuroh John Mbah Akuroh X rays the Roots of GZ Killings!”

  1. I had this revelation where Chris Anu was explaining and bringing many proofs to show that Ayaba Choh is working with LRC. Instead of listening and getting all the facts, some southern cameroonians were busy sleeping. Take note that this revelation came before I ever listened to Chris Anu's outing on the atrocities and killings of Choh Ayaba. However, this did not come to me as a surprise because I knew long time by God's grace that Ayaba is bad news for this struggle. Mr John, I insist you pray that God reveal who Ayaba Choh truly is. Don't rely on his passing glories. That can be very deceptive!

  2. Listen to yourself Mr John Mbah. You are using the massacre of our people by Choh Ayaba to justify why you think the interiume government should be dissolved right? That's never going to happen. Not because I am a member, but because God has degreed that this is the structure that He will use to lead the southern Cameroonians to Buea. I wish everyone should seek the counsel of God for every decision. That structure might be faulty, so are you Mr John Mbah.

  3. John mbah is very right because the ig has hijack this revolution trying to wipe out the other groups. This was never the philosophy of Mr sisiku Ayuk. He was on diplomacy and was gaining support from the people but this present ig ig is misguided and destroying this struggle.

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