Joshua Carr- Important Message to our mothers and GZ- questions surrounding Gen Ivo dead?

6 months ago

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Urgent and Important!!!!!!
Read and Think!!!!!!!
This are some questions surrounding Gen Ivo dead?
A) Gen Ivo Never walks alone, how come he died alone?
B )It was said by his CIC he died in a battle front, then where was his gun?
C) where are the photos of the other soldier’s who died with him if he died in a battle front?
D) From the video the military took the corps of Gen Ivo which shows he hard died long time ago.
i) why is the no freash blood on his corps showing he died in the battle field or by the military as showed on the picture
ii) which bullet could kill a general if the opponent do not know the secret of his odeshi?


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11 thoughts on “Joshua Carr- Important Message to our mothers and GZ- questions surrounding Gen Ivo dead?”

  1. Great job prince J Carle, yes it's the military but we should not lose sight for the fact that ADF Ayaba Atanga nji is doing the same things now bcus Ayaba is bent to destroy the struggle for his own personal interest.

  2. Ayaba Cho set him up and he was killed. There is credible evidence from his very close friend on social media. The friend has exposed all what Ivo told him few hours b4 he died. Ivo told his friend that Ayaba sent him to go collect money from one of their lrc partner, and specifically instructed him to go alone and with no gun bcuz the partners are friends not enemies . When Ivo told his friend, this friend immitiately sensed some fowl play, and tried to convince Gen Ivo not to go for the mission to no avail. Immidiately Ivo left for the mission, he was ambushed by BIR that were hiding in the bush. B4 Ivo could call for back up he was already down.. His master Ayaba killed him bcus Ivo threathen to blow of the cocoa farm of Fon mukete when ayaba couldn't give him the 150 million cfa ayaba promised him. Ayaba commanded Ivo to destroy all other fighters who are not under ADF . So when he was done with batibo, he asked his master to give him the money he promise.

  3. Thank you and continue to keep our spirits up. God bless you. Every one is aware of what went down. The truth is out there but what can the people. That is why county by county is the best idea. When leaders have armies they us them for personal gains. That is the truth.

  4. JC my bro thanks for letting us know the truth and for being our eye openner with all these infos am sure God will led us to buea but for me is high time all our fighters focus to God and not odeshi God doesnot share His Glory please let us pray to God and everything will be fine

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