Joshua Carr: Time for enablers, compromisers and hypocrite to repent

1 month ago

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The Struggle Continues

4 thoughts on “Joshua Carr: Time for enablers, compromisers and hypocrite to repent”

  1. We never had two Jesus Christ but one who turned away the directions of the demons as he rose from his death and the demons were put to shame. So my brother what you just said is true. One or two persons with determinations can move mountains because the way of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom where the truth ,the way and life shows the symbols of God .

  2. Prince continue to rebuke those enablers who re slowing Gods move for SC's restoration.NB-I had God's message,that the process&wrath of God is already on-to free SC from France&allies's enslavment, as it was in Egypt to free Israel(enslaved by Egyptians). Thank u JESUS. Amen.

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