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Just in! A pregnant woman in Soa, a university community in the capital city of Yaounde – La Republ…

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Just in!

A pregnant woman in Soa, a university community in the capital city of Yaounde – La Republique du Cameroun, is being wrapped to the hospital by two boys because there is no ambulance and the road is bad.

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According to the Cameroon Medical Council, there are 4200 Cameroonian doctors currently working out of the country. Most of them are based in the USA.

Only 800 Cameroonian doctors are currently work in Cameroon, a country of 24 million citizens. Therefore, the doctor to patient ratio is 1:50,000. This means that on average, one doctor will consult 50,000 patients under citeris paribus condition.

Quite fascinating. Isn’t it?

The figure is even more disturbing for marginalized Southern Cameroons with only a few hospitals and less than 50 registered state doctors for 8 million citizens, figures show.

The rogue state is ruled by Mr. Paul Bartholonew Biya Bi Mvondo, 86, who has been in power for nearly half a century. The country currently has a GDP of 2.7 percent, one of the worst in African history. Biya in 2008, declared himself “president for life” by erasing constitutional term limits.

That is the country you want children to go to school and become nothing.

You go school, you no get job. You no go school, you no get job. Better no go school at all than for waste doh!

Gen.Tapang Ivo

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  1. Better go to school and seek asylum in another country until this era is over. When the jobs will be there they will need those who are educated and not wait for you to gain education.

  2. Fayol Ndefo says:

    Big lie that is not in Cameroon, and again u know nothing of the population of Cameroon.

  3. And that Same Biya is not showing any signs he will leave power or even die of natural causes. What did Cameroon do to inherit such a curse?

  4. fat lies. the statistics are not correct bro

  5. Fayol Ndefo says:

    Second to that the population of NW and SW is not up to 2M, check the statistics before writing stupid.

  6. Fayol Ndefo says:

    Again they is no 2 regions in Cameroon that when merge give a population of 8million. Since the the 2 most populated regions which are Far north and Central have a population of approximately 3.11M and 3.09M respectively. So plz try to be credible when u post.

  7. Tommy Lee says:

    Is dat hw Soa looks lk??

  8. So terrible indeed.Emergence 2035

  9. Ashu Tanyi says:

    They will soon use baskets as ambulance, some idiots claim is lies.what is the gain of him lying?

  10. Have u ever been in so before think it again

  11. Jude Tanu says:

    This is the great achievement,and emergence 2035 of the New Deal Government .

  12. Jane Borell says:

    Na fool,you surely learn under tree

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