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5 years ago

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Kainji Dam-The Untold Story; is a documentary film that attempts to explore the real situation of more than 200 communities that sacrificed their lands and history for the construction of Kainji Hydropower Dam in Nigeria ( West Africa) which supplies 40% of Nigerian electrical Powers. The film reveals that today most of these communities not only lack electricity supply but also contend with high rate of youth unemployment, extreme poverty and poor resettlement schemes. The main aim is to call the attention of Northern Governors, Federal Government and international communities to come to their support and in earnest!


The Struggle Continues

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  1. I pray our govt, politicians, and good hearted citizens who concieve these projects have to properly secure the interest of the host communities. This type of wanton neglect is what led to militancy in the Niger delta. I hope govt is not waitng till there is a violent revolt before they come in hoping to compensate irate youths with a poorly concieved amnesty programme.

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