Kansas Police Dept Releases Video Of Officer 'Mistakenly' Shooting Black Man Instead Of Tasing Him

3 months ago

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The Struggle Continues

30 thoughts on “Kansas Police Dept Releases Video Of Officer 'Mistakenly' Shooting Black Man Instead Of Tasing Him”

  1. I totally get it. She had no business shooting him. That said, this situation didn’t have to go that far. He could’ve just surrendered his ID, and just got his ticket and be done with. He knows these cops are trigger-happy, It’s a blessing this didn’t end up with his death. Just take the ticket and go on about your way playa

  2. That was the same lame ass excuse the cops used in the Oscar Grant train station platform shooting murder in Oakland. Muscle memory let’s you know where your taser and gun is on your duty belt. Plus the majority of departments have color scheme for tasers. Why is there a need to have any weapon out the man is on the ground? I don’t want to hear no excuses this chick need to be lock up. This shit pisses me off. We’re supposed to just go alone with the accidental shooting story. A lot these damn officers are scare of their own damn shadow but they have a gun and a badge. Why don’t this chicken hearted chick just admit she was scare and shouldn’t even be in this line of work?

  3. Enough of this politically correct BS! Most women ain't built for being a cop because they get too emotional if you put them in a hyper stressful situation.

  4. I'd say I can't imagine how anyone could confuse the two, but that'd be giving benefit of the doubt and I doubt this officer had any intention of tasing him.

  5. No fan of racist Police but, it sounds like Lewis acted the bloody FOOL…risking your life/ego over traffic infraction…..CHRIST….STOP acting like an emotional woman and deal with these knucklehead police in COURT….

  6. I am just glad the brother didn't die. I know this happened a few years ago where this auxiliary wanna be cop dude shot and killed a Black man the same way. I hope he sues the city because the way a lot of better police departments make the cops wear their teasers you would be lying if you said you grabbed your gun instead of your teaser to tease someone.
    And to make mattes worse I bet if she had shot the cop instead of him, they would have found a way to charge him for the cops shooting.

  7. women are poor back up. plus she shot him in the shoulder? spose to aim for the upper torso. Sha didn't want to have to kill him , broke protocol. she might lose her job. she lied about the tazer stuff too. no accident.

  8. Saw the video… To be honest, the victim set himself up for this. He decided to fight the officers knowing they unarmed Black men that are at times complying with them.

    The only reason the officer is being reviewed is because she could have accidentally shot that other racist officer.

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