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Keep taking down my posts admin. Then you have no right to complain about Biya, if you dictate to pe…

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Keep taking down my posts admin. Then you have no right to complain about Biya, if you dictate to people what and what not to say or write.Cameroon is already independent. Not under any colony of any sort. I don’t know the independence we are asking for again. The history of Cameroon did not start with french and british cameroon.There was a german Cameroon and also a period known as the precolonial time. Cameroon has always been one and united.Even Britain to vindicate your claims hasn’t got time for you’all. People are just dying for nothing while the terrorist lords abroad keep making monies from you’all.Making you believe there is something you are fighting for,whereas they can’t come like true freedom fighters and fight with you guys. There is no other way to describe this other than #ModernDayFoolishness Stop killing your loved ones yourselves and blaming the government about it.Ask bara and co to tell their families to join you in protesting. #Period

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  1. Mike Bralta says:

    They took down two of my posts criticizing ambazoobies

  2. No body is gonna proof u wrong, u will only receive insults and in effect, ur post deleted. lol

  3. Modika Itel says:

    Maybe u want to joined ur mum who passed away last yr cos of a small boy friend she was dating.

  4. Modika Itel says:

    The Bible says the tongue is just like a blade. Njume I pray that as from today,may u never have any good future in ur life, may u die a poor man for ever.may ur corps never view for people to see u,may ur name never exist in the next generation in the mighty name if Jesus

  5. Bi Imeldine says:

    Hahahahaha let me come n be going

  6. So do you want to say Cameroon has the right to her territories that they lost to Central Africa, Gabon ,Tchad and Equitorial Guinea before their independence? We should stop taking claims which we cannot justify it. This world was restructured in colonial era.

  7. Afanyu Bruno says:

    if cameroon waz one 4rm de beginx why den did LRP achief deir indepndc without us? why could’nt dey wait 4us to all have it on desame day? u talk without reasonx. TRAITORS

  8. Gerat u this brainless brainwashed fraustated dog

  9. The Illegitimate and Illegal claim of Sovereignty over the Territory of the Southern Cameroons by La Republique du Cameroun on the grounds that the German colony of Kamerun ( Camereroes) became a German colony in 1884 by a Treaty signed between the German Consul GUSTAV NAGHTIGAL and the Kings of Douala.

    That German colony comprised the current territory of La Republique du Cameroun and the British Cameroons; but the territory of German Kamerun has gone through a number of changes of its original boundaries over time. It is known that Germany, under Chancellor Von Bismark went out later for colonies because Von Bismark had in the past told the Reishtag (Parliament): “I do not need colonies”. But Bismark, pressured by Von Papin, decided later to get colonies especially in Africa. So Germany wanted the area from Tangiers to Casablanca in the northern part of Morocco, a French colony.

    The military governor of Morocco, General Lyanty, bitterly opposed the German request. France and Germany quarreled over Tangiers – Casablanca; and in order to settle the dispute, France preferred to offer land to Germany in the heart of Africa where France had many large colonies: Gabon, Congo, Oubangui – Chari, Tchad. France’s move was probably due to the fact that those four colonies were governed by civilian governors who, of course, were more amenable than a military governor like General Lyanty in Morocco, Biaut –Willaumez in Gabon, Saborgnan de Brazzo (an Italian) in Congo, Captain Lomy in Oubangui – Chari, and Reverend Father Foureau in Tchad. Germany accepted France’s offer first by a treaty on 4 November 1911.

    A portion of Tchad and a portion of Congo were joined to the German colony. By a treaty on 1st October 1912, a portion of Northern Gabon was joined to Kamerun. On 1st February 1913, a very large portion of western Oubangui – Chari was joined to Kamerun. So France expanded the territory of German Kamerun by 275,000 square kilometers before the outbreak of the war in 1914. By the effect of war, the expanded German Kamerun was shared between Britain and France.

    France and the Returned Lands from the expanded German Kamerun.

    Two factors were at play:

    1. The Mandate of the League of Nations;
    2. The bitter protests of the populations of the portions of French colonies which were attached to the original German Kamerun less than five years earlier.

    France took over its portion of the divided German Kamerun in a very brutal manner, especially by forcefully suppressing the German language. The French-speaking populations who were joined to German Kamerun soon tabled two complaints: first, that war was never fought in the areas they inhabited as it was in the German-speaking area; that they did not yet speak German well; secondly, that they were not colonized by the Germans; that they willingly collaborated with the French troops against German troops. So, considering all those complaints, France returned to its colonies their respective portions of territory she ceded to Germany by treaties. So the Mandate given to France was applied on its original portion of German Kamerun, that is, the current territory of La Republique du Cameroun since 1916.

    La Republique du Cameroun cannot legally claim the territory of the Southern Cameroons; La Republique du Cameroun has been claiming it as part of German Kamerun. How can a war booty believe that it is the father or mother of a twin war booty? The Southern Cameroons and La Republique du Cameroun are both monozygotic twins (from one egg) of the First World War. ( c/f: London – Cameroons Boundaries Commission – State Treaties Series No. CMD / 3639 / 03 – 9 January 1931).

  10. U also forgot to
    say biya and tchiruma
    should put their children
    into the military and send
    them to fight the people
    u call terrorist in southern

  11. You don’t sleep on your bed with somebody so don’t complain about what another is doing because you are complaining but talking history without knowing old frog

  12. Gerara here my friend😎😎😎😎

  13. There is only one path la republic du cameroun can use to claim sovereignty over the southern cameroons now Ambazonia. if the can produce a union treaty that bring brings the two cameroons together after existing legally as two separate states with international boundary legally recognized by international law. check on the the Banjul court ruling where la republic du cameroun also used this same one german Kamerun of a sham and failed.

  14. Zionia Pop says:

    Is this how express your stupidity you need to go back to primary school ok

  15. …Cameroun And Cameroon Are Not Corelated, They Ar Rada Contradictries. Stop Bringx Falshoot Defensive Reseans Mr Contradictor

  16. Suzy Sparks says:

    Na lalisco chi big fool

  17. Toh Light hahahahaha I laughs because may be you will be the one to give me the answer to this my question. How was Cameroon before the arrival of the Europeans and was there any administrative body that was managing the affairs of the people as one?

  18. Uthman Diyuy says:

    just go an aks ur father how English langenge an frence langeuge becom one nition.i dont bleam u bladiful fock u.wear is Ahijo the presiden of cameroon.that die in senigal

  19. El Ra says:

    bla bla bla..pls sumarise and post again..i no get time

  20. Who was de president and / or prime minister of Gns Cam ?

  21. Haha admin is bae. I love him. Soon he will take you down. Beast

  22. Zuma Castro says:

    Do they pay you for being in this group?? If ur post is taken down means its not valid and if u are not happy leave the group or better still look for a 3000volt transformer and hug it

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