Keychain Suppressor | Beretta 21A 'Hush Puppy' & Armtac's Covert Suppressor

3 years ago

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Sometimes we buy something just because it is an ultra cool range toy that really serves no practical purpose other than putting a smile on your face. With the Armtac Covert suppressor and the Beretta 21a converted to lock the slide closed, this mini hush puppy isn’t short on doling out smiles.

While we ran short on time with this slick little plinker, it did make quite an impression on us during the short amount of time that we were able to enjoy it. The safety turned slide lock coupled with the ultra-short suppressor was every bit of movie quiet as you might expect.

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38 thoughts on “Keychain Suppressor | Beretta 21A 'Hush Puppy' & Armtac's Covert Suppressor”

  1. I am almost positive that the guys Israel used to kill the terrorists responsible for the Munich massacre used these on a couple of hits that they did. I know I read that in George Jonas's book Vengeance. What they would do is like three guys would do a mag dump on a terrorist. Say what you want about the little .22 long rifle but it does kill…

  2. shooter: 'o, look, there's a snake…let's kill it…o, hear, there's a bird disturbing my sleep…let's kill it…o, look, there's a cat that stared at me too long…let's kill it…o,look there's my friend Bill…let's kill everything that moves because i want to be like god almighty and it gives me a rush of power when i decide what gets to live and what has to die'…crazy mental case shooters bother me…let's shoot them…

  3. What???? Not a practical weapon??? A silent 22. Strike to the forehead will kill any man💯💨maybe if it was loud or wasn't tiny but either way this weapon can be very practical in the right hands.

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