Kid Convinces Parents To Rescue Alpaca | The Dodo

3 years ago

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This kid convinced his parents to let him save an alpaca β€” and now the two of them surprise their neighbors in the suburbs every day. | Check out silly Chewpaca the alpaca on Instagram:

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The Struggle Continues

20 thoughts on “Kid Convinces Parents To Rescue Alpaca | The Dodo”

  1. Just imagine for a second that you are walking down the street,
    and all of a sudden, a boy on a skateboard, with a leashed alpaca in his hands rides by.
    Yep. It's normal.

  2. Alpaca's should never be kept alone, they need at least 1 alpaca to socialize and so on, but the recommendation is 3 or more, so i would say this is not that sweet.

  3. I rescued a lizard at a place where they were going to kill him. Good thing my friends rescued him and gave him to me. This story is really inspiring and good for those who love animals like alpacas

  4. This Boy is so special. He has a heart of Gold. I just want to Hug Him for being so compassionate & kind to animals! Children are the future & if We had more Children like Him the World would be a better place! He's the polar opposite to these gangs of Psychopathic Kids We see going around torturing animals "for fun". His Parents especially His Mum are wonderful People for allowing Him to rescue this Innocent animal. I laughed when He said "They don't really mind actually, My Mum more than My Dad. They said He's a bit easier to look after than a Dog" as Chewy's chewing their patio furniture & screen door! I'm guessing He's probably a bit of a handful lol but They saved His life! He was going to be eaten! Chewy wouldn't have known a single Day of Love until this Family rescued Him, thanks to this Loving, Big hearted little Boy! Not that He's a "little" Boy now as such but He must have been when They first rescued Chewy. I wish only good things for this Family & especially for this Child's future & for Chewy!

  5. Sorry to spam the comments section but Animals truly know when They've been rescued! Alpacas bred to guard Sheep are treated very badly. They're not allowed to be shown Love as They're "working animals" so He would have had beatings & nothing but unkindness & been taken from His Mother far too Young. His fear of Humans & lack of trust in them would be highly warranted but this lovely Innocent Child helped Chewy overcome His fears & gained His trust with Love! This a beautiful inspiring story with a happy ending! Hope more People will listen to their Children & rescue animals like Chewy!

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