Kim Jung Hyun IG Live 180121 || Engsub

1 month ago

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14 thoughts on “Kim Jung Hyun IG Live 180121 || Engsub”

  1. Thanks for your hard work! <3 Just adding on some missing subs (I used google to translate the KR subs from this vid [ so sorry for any mistakes haha ^^;;)
    KJH: Kim Jung Hyun, SHS: Shin Hye Sun, CSE: Chae Seo Eun

    SHS: I didn't even say hello today
    CSE: Look at his nose
    SHS: /laughs/ Because junghyun-ie has a runny nose

    SHS: Ah, I'm not good at this (at doing iglives)…

    KJH: I'll check the progress (i think it means he'll help her out with her iglive)

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